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    Mar 1st, 2010 at 18:49:51     -    GTA 4 (360)

    The second time I played GTA4, I went straight for the cheat codes. I got a FBI Buffalo, which is basically a fast undercover cop car. It was awesome turning on the sirens and having a sea of cars split right in front of me. The cars in the game are amazingly durable. I literally got into ten different accidents going at least forty and it was still going. Along with the car, I got an arrangement of guns. Once again though, the police were hot on my ass after I shot a couple pedestrians. I mean come on. They had a helicopter on me and about twelve police cars chasing me after I fired off a few shots. Another thing is that when you don't comply with the police, they are very quick to pull the trigger on you. It really just gets frustrating after a while trying to lose the cops. In a matter of about ten minutes I drove my car till I crashed, jumped about two stories to a boardwalk, then jumped another two stories to the bay. I laid low for a minute or so, then when I got out of the water and rounded the corner eight cops opened fire and I almost crapped myself. I guess if you had to go, then that would be the way to go out. haha

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    Mar 1st, 2010 at 18:31:27     -    GTA 4 (360)

    I think I had a little to much fun playing Grand Theft Auto 4. When I first started playing, I was walking around with a gun at my side and I noticed how people would literally run for their lives when I got close. It's interesting that the people of the game are programmed with the basic will to survive. It doesnt really affect how the game is played, so why would they make the people express fear? It is probably a way to discourage doing harm to them and possible to make the game more realistic. I originally just drove around, but when I got bored I just started splattering random people. I got to give some serious credit to those cops in the game. They respond to gunfire in a matter of seconds. They had showed up and killed me within twenty steps of me getting out of my car.

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