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    Jan 16th, 2018 at 14:18:20     -    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)

    My second session begins with a quest helping Ratbag, a wayward orc, become a captain. Ratbag is much more conversational than the average orc, and after sparing him, allying with him and killing a captain for him to replace, he promises to repay me by killing another captain himself. His propensity for treachery seems high but, although I don't enjoy him, he's arguably the most human character in the game thus far. The player character begrudgingly agrees to help him, and Ratbag's antics help cultivate similar reluctance in me as a player. Yet, despite no significant reward, Ratbag receives his promotion at my hand.
    Shortly after the Ratbag quest, my indiscriminate slaughter of orcs is interrupted by an orc I already killed! Despite being decapitated previously, he scolds me for not ensuring his demise the last time. Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I kill him via interrogation this time around. Interrogation is a mechanic which allows the player to learn the identity and weaknesses of an unknown army captain. These weaknesses haven't been useful yet because even the toughest orcs die in a matter of seconds. Ultimately my torture of this orc was pointless, but I can't help but feel that he was asking for it.

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    Jan 16th, 2018 at 13:47:16     -    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)

    *Edit* This log was written on the 11th but didn't previously save as intended so I'm resubmitting!

    The first 15 minutes are almost entirely cut scenes, providing an introduction to the characters, world, etc. The antagonist is undeniably evil, and his misdeeds against the player character establish the tone of the game, as well as the moral justification for the inevitable orc murder that follows. Beginning my journey into Mordor, I kill some orcs attempting to stop my progress. This act is arguably in self defense, although I probably could have run past them, perhaps risking minor damage. The game clearly intends they die, encouraging me by flashing controls to fight on screen. Soon after I'm presented with a range of missions to kill for power up rewards, and I carry out the first one in bloody fashion. It's satisfying because the orcs are utterly nasty fairy tale monsters. It feels fair because they are openly hostile to me. Self defense, right? That is, until you kill their leader, which sends the underlings scampering away in fear. With the bow and arrow, I shoot a few of them as they run. Do they deserve to be spared, having hungered for my man flesh only moments before?

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