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    Feb 15th, 2018 at 00:20:41     -    Firewatch (PC)

    From what I've gathered playing this game, it's actually pretty monotonous. I hate to say it, but it's basically the same story line over and over. In the last game session I had, it was more of exploring and doing a task and then talking about random other stuff. Again, i have to emphasize that the point of the game is to make decisions based on your own sound reasoning and then go along with what will happen. Most of my last game session revolved around trying to get in this big fenced area, while still trying to figure out what happened before/after you got attacked. The characters in the game seem worried, and as much as I tried to be worried for the rest of the playing time, i didn't really feel connected to any of the character and was just worried about finding out what was going to happen next if i decided to divulge all the information that was given to me. A lot of this game is exploring and this particular mission involved walking around a lot trying to discover new things on the map and keep going to find out clues as to what to do to complete the new mission. A lot of what goes on is cut and paste and you do what you are asked to do and when exploring things that need to be broken down or taken are in plain sight and even look like they are out of place so that you can easily tell what is part of the game that you can interact with (i.e tree is already partially chopped down so you can push it over and cross a small ravine). Also it gets kind of creepy when you finally realize that you are being tailed and listened to and that the rest of the game is figuring out what will happen and if you are going to live when out in the Shoshone National Forest. The last part before i ended playing was that you got a new radio and went to go break in to the site, I thought it would be a good place to end as it seemed fitting as the interesting part of the story was about to start.

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    Feb 13th, 2018 at 23:33:13     -    Firewatch (PC)

    In the first gamelog entry, i decided to leave out the intro to the game where you find out your backstory. I left it out because I did not think it was important until i kept playing the game and i realized that there is a lot of questions that get asked of you that relate to your past, and you don't have to answer them, but if you choose to, then it could change the outcome of the story. As i played for a second game session, I kept thinking that the overall dilemma is how your words and decisions can affect an outcome of something. If you didn't say a certain thing or you chose not to do an event that would make someone mad at you, then the story would come out differently than if you decided to do what the game said you could do. From what i have found from these two game sessions is that it's very predictable. You can kind of assume what the characters are going to say next and the next objective seems pretty easy once the previous event happens. I think the biggest part of game session 2 was deciding whether or not to tell the cops that you saw the girls. If you said say nothing, then you probably would have been able to go on with the game and not have to deal with the rest of the side story line, but I said yes, say something, and i got sent down a route to find out what happened to the girls.

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    Feb 13th, 2018 at 00:52:32     -    Firewatch (PC)

    I started playing Firewatch as the game looked interesting after I saw the review. The game has amazing graphics and has got good game play from what i have played so far. From the gameplay, I can already tell that as the fire watchmen, you don't have to report everything if you don't want to. If you want your partner in the other watch tower, you can report everything that the initial firework launching hikers do, or you don't have to and you can save the stuff for later (as weird as that is). You can also choose dialog that you have to interact with, and i think that is cool because it allows you to create your own storyline based on what the other characters in the game say/do. I think the first dilemma i can see from the initial time i spent on the game looking around is if you are willing to divulge information and if you want to create a story where you ask questions and figure out what else there is to do in the forest, secluded by yourself.

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    Jan 18th, 2018 at 03:22:56     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    For OPA #1, 3rd session, I thought that I would spice up the playing field in my game and add some mods. I thought the modding of the game might detract from the base game, so I kept it limited to only a few mods that I thought would be beneficial to my prison. The mod that I added put more guns in the game for the security officers to use, and I thought that it would be a good idea since I added more supermax prisoners to my prison, I would want them to be guarded and watched by shotguns at all the time. At this point in the game, I actually didnít have a hard time making a moral decision as big as the one in the previous game log that I submitted. I thought that giving the guards more firepower and free reign to take out prisoners at will if they were behaving badly made sense. To me, I thought that the decision would make sense as I asked for a shakedown and then a riot ensued and some prisoners ended up getting shot and had to be taken to the infirmary. Even though I only got a few hours into this game, I would love to play more and see how much you could actually do when you sink more than 10+ hours into this game. The only problem that I think could be the issue is the idea of how boring it could get. After playing a few hours, I realized that it was monotonous because you would just build new buildings and get more prisoners and after a while that can get boring without nothing else going on.

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