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    Feb 14th, 2018 at 15:31:06     -    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    1979 Revolution > 1 hr
    So some more decision making and photography for me today. Things are really heating up, not that they haven't been pretty intense from the get go. What I am noticing about these decisions is that they tend to not challenge my logic, in fact they don't even seem to give me logical decisions (the only logical decision for this game is to turn tail run, head to the airport and get the hell out of the country) but instead give me nice gut wrenching options that appeal to my heart strings. A lot of these decisions really make me feel like there is no correct option, and that no matter what I do someone is gonna not like what I do or someone will get hurt. I really get the sense that the developers were aiming for this sort of personal dilemma where I am not supposed to be able to tell right from wrong because they remove the right and wrong and just leave me with the reality of the consequences of any decision I make. I did a little research at the end of my play through today just to see if my hunch was right, and yes, the developers did indeed make it so that your decisions do not ultimately change the outcome of the story, but more so how other characters act towards you (particularly your brother the police officer). I really really like that they do that, it shows how things are never black and white, and how the grey area can be a lot more confusing and create inner turmoil far beyond the color greys ability to represent.

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    Feb 13th, 2018 at 16:09:56     -    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    1.5 hours > 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

    So, after playing a lot more of this game today, some things pop out at me immediately, especially after having done an OPA already.
    This game is doing a really good job of keeping the character out of the main thread of events in the revolution, by which I mean not that he isn't there but that he isn't really a "player" in the grand scheme of things. Yes, the devs give you choices that effect things, but you aren't ultimately deciding the fate of the revolution. The devs made the choice to leave the actual history untouched and your actions don't seem to change things (for example, today I saved after making a choice to try and save one dude from gunfire over another, and then went back and tried the other option to see what would happen and the same end result happened.) The developers have gone and done a great thing in giving the player the appearance of deep choices but in actuality these choices don't effect the story too heavily but rather seem more like an open challenge to the players principles and morals. Is it more important to save your brother who is a police officer or to save a revolutionary leader? They make you feel like you are picking a side but really you aren't changing anything big. In doing so they remain their neutrality as a developer but allow the player to explore the consequences of their emotionally driven choices! This is great ethically. The developers don't impose their own opinion of who was right and who was wrong onto history but rather create an "environment" for players to explore the muddled affair that is any violent revolution.
    Love this game.

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    Feb 12th, 2018 at 16:22:07     -    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    1979 Revolution Black Friday -> 30 minutes

    So I have never played a game like this before. I've known about games like the tell tale series, but haven't actually played any of them, so this sort of pick your own story kind of deal is new to me, and honestly seems really simple, but I really enjoyed it today. I have a fascination with the region and it's history (I have spent over half my life living in the Middle East due to my fathers work as a diplomat) so when looking through the list I saw this and was like hmmm maybe I should give it a go.
    Anyway. Wow. I can tell right off the bat that this is going to be a game that gives me choices that have subtle outcomes, but I get the feeling my choices won't really effect the events of the story too much since it is based on history. Beyond the choices it seems that I am to play the photographer and take pictures of famous (and probably real) events and incidents. I am gonna love this.
    The first thing that comes to mind with this game is whether or not the developers remain neutral in the sense that, is this game biased towards the side of the revolutionaries or the Shah? I know a lot of the history regarding this revolution and after my first 30 minutes it does seem slightly anti-shah but also anti-revolution. That's just my first take away after being interrogated by a post revolution goon who works for the revolutionaries.
    Excited to see what the devs decided to do as far as handling the political aspects of this game and whether or not they can tell this story in an interesting manner whilst remaining neutral.

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    Jan 17th, 2018 at 16:36:07     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    Prison Architect. 50 minutes
    This game is harder than I thought. Turns out that even though it doesn't necessarily get more complex or add new mechanics like some other sim games do, things do start to pile up. Combine that with the problems some of my more... unruly inmates are causing, and you have the recipe for the soon to be disaster of a prison that I have made!
    Imminent failure of my prison aside, I learned that I don't really have it in me to create a prison with a death row on it, so I never bothered to research that, and instead decided that I would try and rehabilitate my inmates instead.
    Apparently rehabilitating high security inmates isn't always super effective. Seems like some of these virtual criminals love being criminals.
    The game is really good at pointing out all the grey area that can exist within an issue that you were sure was really black and white. In my case, I came into this game thinking that the game was either going to be one that trivialized an issue like the prison industrial complex or it would be one that highlighted the issue by pointing out the inefficiencies and corruptness of how the PIC works. I was wrong. The game instead has shown me that it's apparently a LOT more complicated to run a prison. I still firmly believe that the prison system within the united states needs reform, but I know recognize both my former arrogance and current ignorance on exactly how to do that.

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