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    Jan 18th, 2018 at 00:28:40     -    Shadow of Mordor (XBONE)

    As i continued throughout this game, i stopped where i met dwarf name Torvin. Not sure if i feel like i am half way with the game though? I've played for more than several hours, and i am loving it!

    The graphics are amazing! I think i may have said that before from recent log entry. Anyways, i think its unusual for a world inside Mordor to have beautiful nature of clear blue water and bright green grass where as there are despair, rocks, sand, and darkness spreading throughout. I understand this game is a story telling of the rise of Sauron and the construction of deep behind of the gates of Mordor.

    The character developments are pretty intriguing. I mean favorite characters are currently Talion & Celembrimor. They are like the dynamic duo in the game. The story development is engaging as well.

    So far, the only game design flaw i have is it is just too easy to not die that much. For instance, the boss battles aren't that tough or i maybe they're not that strong? There too many chances for you to avoid death when it comes to execution. I think the only way you can i die instantly is when you have several Caragors coming at you.

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    Jan 16th, 2018 at 21:45:35     -    Shadow of Mordor (XBONE)

    Shadow of Mordor is certainly a game that reminds me of Dungeon and Dragons because of the middle age world and the enemies you face such as Uruk-Hai. The graphics and game design are very interesting and pretty, minus the ritual performed from the Black Hand of Sauron. There is a lot of mystery when the game begins, because of what happened to Talion. Furthermore, finding out who this spiritual, ghostly shape, Elf Lord is and white is he important of the game? The combat game design starts off pretty easy, and think that is fair, for it helps gamers to continue play the game and not struggle. So far, the game seems very fun and engaging.

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