GameLogBlogging the experience of gameplay (PS4) - 16 Apr 2018 - by jp! (over the weekend) I want to say it gets better - the environments, art, and so on definitely get more interesting. But also, I felt like it never really "took off". That's a bit unfair because I went back to the 1st chapter (to pick up some trophies) and I realized that there's a remarkable amount of variation in terms of how you solve different puzzles and so on. This is not a game that tries to give you all the possible variations of a single mechanic. Thankfully! Towards the end the story starts to make more sense...but it only comes into focus at the very end. I think it's supposed to be a big twist/surprise but it didn't quite work. I was mostly confused to be honest. With a bit of "oh, I guess that's what it all means". Part of me wants to say that it would work better had I known the premise going in. Otherwise it's just too metaphorical? In all, beautiful game but it felt a bit emotionally...dry? On the plus side, it was cool to read the credits, and then the after-credits credits with a whole bunch of stuff in Spanish. It turns out the developers are Spanish! Yay!jpMon, 16 Apr 2018 18:04:57 UTC Starsign (DS) - 13 Apr 2018 - by jp hrs in and I've reached the (a?) 4th planet. My party now has a total of 4 characters and I must admit that I'm getting more and more interested in the game. The last planet was fun because it involved more talking to people, a few fun gags, and not that much combat. The standout was a comedic sequence where you visit the Space Police HQ to file a complaint about space pirates and are given the run around from one desk cop to the next - all different bureaucratic offices. It was short, but funny. Especially as you catch on to what is actually going on.jpFri, 13 Apr 2018 18:45:02 UTC (PS4) - 13 Apr 2018 - by jp've pretty much wrapped up the 2nd chapter/section of the game. The game is pretty...and it seems like it's trying too hard to be Journey. At least that was the impression I got in the first chapter. There are puzzles, but they're not really that hard, so I don't think that's the main point or focus of the game. There's a story/narrative that I'm slowly uncovering but, to be honest, I'm not really paying all that much attention to it and I'm not sure it's that interesting? I guess I'll see...the game is definitely still pretty and, I've really enjoyed how the 2nd chapter was different from the first with new puzzles and more interesting environments to explore - especially the sections where I had to swim around.jpFri, 13 Apr 2018 17:54:05 UTC 2 (PS4) - 13 Apr 2018 - by jp I was sure I had written an earlier entry...oh well. So, finished! It's definitely the bombastic experience I was hoping for and expecting with an interesting set of mechanics. Weirdly, I didn't particularly enjoy riding around in the Titan - it felt too slow and I don't think I was that good at it. I mostly went "all in" and then retreated to heal the titan up, so I don't think I was really making the most of the different powers and abilities. It's almost like the Titan combat veered into fighting game territory (attack, respond, block, etc.) rather than shooter territory. In the former I really need to be up to speed on what my opponent is doing while in the latter as long as I hit the enemy and use cover I should be ok. Strange. The standout moments of the game are by far a few of the middle missions where you discover/use the time travel mechanic. It was an interesting experience as you start to realize the tactical potential it has - namely that you can warp in and out of combat giving your opponents an incredibly hard time to respond. I also thought the way those experiences were layered over successive areas in the game was well thought out, interesting, and engaging to play. After I finished the campaign I spent an hour or two in the multiplayer - I joined a group playing a "fight back waves of enemies" mode that was interesting, but I wasn't all too excited to run the experience grind to get better equipment and loadouts and all that stuff. Made it an easy decision to move on to another game...jpFri, 13 Apr 2018 17:49:11 UTC 0 (PS4) - 11 Apr 2018 - by AlexCerv 2: During my gameplay, i see a culture issue in this game where women in this game are very women are assigned as sex objects. In one of the sub stories called Sexy Hook- Up, I play as Kiryu meet up with the girl named Ayaka in purple at a hotel for a hook-up. The reward I received is her page number, so I can meet up with her again for hook-ups. This sub-story mission achieves nothing on my character upgrade or impact to the story game-player. The reward I received was earning Ayaka after she hooked-up with Kiryu in the hotel. As a player, i would criticize that it was a waste of time. Prostitution in the games doesn't feel like an award that could be useful as i continue throughout the gameplay. If the game is going to block the sex-scene then what is the point of that sub-story to be part of the game? AlexCervWed, 11 Apr 2018 00:03:11 UTC 0 (PS4) - 10 Apr 2018 - by AlexCerv 1: I've played Yakuza 0 for about thirty minutes. I've never heard of the Yakuza series. Throughout the gameplay, i was impress with the graphics. The storytelling is a lot grasp for there group of Japanese mafias and know there members as well. The combat fighting is very brutal because of the punches and blood splattered scenes that happens. It's kind of funny for when i fight a group, there is title that labels in-front. For example, "HOOLIGANS", but i wasn't sure if there the bad guys? A lot of alcohol-use in this game for sure.AlexCervTue, 10 Apr 2018 23:51:12 UTC Starsign (DS) - 06 Apr 2018 - by jp far this game reminds me of the Mario & Luigi games - not for the mechanics, which are pretty standard RPG fare, but for the characters, humor, and art style. The game's art feels playful in the way the M&L games were. Also, AFAIK, there's no random encounters? (which may or may not have been an issue/present in the M&L games, but I think they weren't)jpFri, 06 Apr 2018 19:14:31 UTC Arkham VR (PS4) - 06 Apr 2018 - by jp's pretty neat - the detective mechanic is more compelling than you'd think and it was fun to teleport around (to previously determined locations) in order to find clues and such. I think the game also does a pretty good job of the fact that you're immersed in first person, there's a few (Joker) sequences that are unsettling mostly because...well, it's you (mirrors, you look at yourself in them). I also enjoyed going back multiple times to find hidden things and unlock figures and what not. The only issue I had was that there were a few things that made no sense on my first play through BECAUSE they were things to find/pay attention to later. This sometimes confused me the first time I played but it made more sense once I was done. In fact, for a while I was under the impression that there was a different ending you could unlock by finding stuff in other playthroughs and such. Alas, AFAIK, that's not really the case - so the extra draw for re-playing some parts was significantly diminished.jpFri, 06 Apr 2018 19:09:42 UTC (iPd) - 06 Apr 2018 - by jp decided to stop cold turkey because the general "grind" was getting a bit tiresome and I was also starting to hit a wall with grinding out new cards and such. Rather than get curious and boot it up again I deleted the app entirely.jpFri, 06 Apr 2018 19:06:02 UTC Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS4) - 06 Apr 2018 - by jp and finished and it's surprisingly good - though the connection to Until Dawn is weak at best. I had to take breaks every few sections or so because I would start to get dizzy, but other than that: Fun stuff to shoot at, lots of interesting things to look at, and some pretty epic set-pieces where you feel small and helpless. I think there was a story to many of the levels, but I didn't really get it or understand it. As far as scary VR experiences go, I'm pretty ok with this one.jpFri, 06 Apr 2018 19:04:33 UTC