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    TaylorWheatland's GTA 4 (360)

    [March 1, 2010 06:31:27 PM]
    I think I had a little to much fun playing Grand Theft Auto 4. When I first started playing, I was walking around with a gun at my side and I noticed how people would literally run for their lives when I got close. It's interesting that the people of the game are programmed with the basic will to survive. It doesnt really affect how the game is played, so why would they make the people express fear? It is probably a way to discourage doing harm to them and possible to make the game more realistic. I originally just drove around, but when I got bored I just started splattering random people. I got to give some serious credit to those cops in the game. They respond to gunfire in a matter of seconds. They had showed up and killed me within twenty steps of me getting out of my car.
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    TaylorWheatland's GTA 4 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 1 March, 2010

    TaylorWheatland's opinion and rating for this game

    The second time I played

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