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    lintree's Prison Architect (PC)

    [September 28, 2017 11:39:17 PM]
    On a previous post I recall saying something similar but I wanted to expand on the idea of the prisoners being mere livestock for our benefits and nothing more than self-destructive nuisances whenever a riot starts. That's something I found myself thinking after playing more of Prison Architect and is quite a dangerous, dehumanizing thought. Granted it is all just a gam and a simplified chaacterization of the experience of running a prison, I've still managed to at one point get a little attached to the role as a warden running a prison and turned into a heartless warden that refuses to even provide a laundry room.
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    [September 28, 2017 12:12:36 AM]
    Whenever Iím playing Prison Architect, I find myself zoning out to the pattern of building out the prison to earn as much money as I can. Iíve already had a couple riots, each resulting in the death of a prisoner but I thought nothing of the riot aside from the fact that I had to deal with the dead body, clean up costs, and reorganizing the prison so that I can continue to make maximum profits. What matters above all, most importantly above the well being of the prisoners, is that I continue to make profit and that I donít lose profit over the death of a prisoner or a riot. The riots, however annoying to have to deal with and break up, are turning out to be a comedic highlight of the game thanks to the simplicity of Prison Architectís gameplay and style. If it were real life, however, that would not be the case.
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    [September 26, 2017 11:46:50 PM]
    Upon opening the game, the options presented are already hilarious. The player is given various options when starting their new prison that take common prison archetypes and downplay them to present them in a simple, comedic light. The simplicity of the game is deceiving when you actually take the time to consider the weight of the elements presented in the game. While even just simply crafting the layout of the prison I found myself considering things like "the hallway needs to look like this so that when they escape, there's nowhere for them to hide or escape". Even without any prisoners in the jail, I've already assumed the worst of them and am prepared to give them a terrible time as retribution of whatever unknown crimes they've committed.
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    lintree's Prison Architect (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 26 September, 2017

    lintree's opinion and rating for this game

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