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    sdayer's This is the Police (PC)

    [November 8, 2017 01:12:11 AM]
    This is my response to my first 30 minutes of playing "This is the Police." I first realized that the game centered around a specific profession, reminding me of "Papers Please." the game started by showing the main character, a police chief, having a press conference about his future retirement. The reporters informed me that the mayor and the police department may be corrupted by making deals with the mafia. I was slightly convinced that the game may be unfair to the police by negatively portraying them by starting off with such scenario. The game let me decide how the main character respond to these allegations, giving me to develop my personal stance on the issue I may soon encounter. The first level gave me a better understanding on what the gameplay was about. I was able to be strategic in different scales; I was able to make macro plays by deploying which officers and when, and made micro decisions when the officers at the scene needed them. The moral goal was given as a worded instruction; The lesser officers and civilians die, the better job I was doing.
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    sdayer's This is the Police (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 8 November, 2017

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