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    jp's Magical Starsign (DS)

    [April 13, 2018 06:45:02 PM]
    4 hrs in and I've reached the (a?) 4th planet. My party now has a total of 4 characters and I must admit that I'm getting more and more interested in the game. The last planet was fun because it involved more talking to people, a few fun gags, and not that much combat. The standout was a comedic sequence where you visit the Space Police HQ to file a complaint about space pirates and are given the run around from one desk cop to the next - all different bureaucratic offices. It was short, but funny. Especially as you catch on to what is actually going on.
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    [April 6, 2018 07:14:31 PM]
    So far this game reminds me of the Mario & Luigi games - not for the mechanics, which are pretty standard RPG fare, but for the characters, humor, and art style. The game's art feels playful in the way the M&L games were. Also, AFAIK, there's no random encounters? (which may or may not have been an issue/present in the M&L games, but I think they weren't)
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    jp's Magical Starsign (DS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 1 April, 2018

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