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    cmcmillin89's GameLog for Witcher 3 (XBONE)

    Wednesday 22 February, 2017

    Finally we get to a little more world exploring. I'm starting to feel some world tension via politics. It seems as though this world is going through war. We also get to know how old Witchers get to be. Oh, and we get to see how Geralt employs his powers. The player can extract answers from people using Witcher powers. It's kind of disturbing that we can do the Witcher version of the Jedi Mind Trick, but it seems rather useful rather than starting bar fights or getting info through more dubious means.

    It's interesting how populated this world is with all sorts of different characters. My personal favorite so far has been the guy that teaches Geralt how to play Gwent. I can see why they're making a stand alone game of it. This silly strategy card game is addicting.

    I also enjoy the quest system in this game. Unlike most games of similar caliber, there's a certain amount of story built into side quests. There's one where Geralt has to find an arsonist that burnt down a blacksmith shop that's run by a dwarf. In a way, it kind of reflects real world issues. The fact that there's an element of fantastical prejudice and stupidity makes me believe in this place more. Most fantastical stories tend to veil these sorts of elements to create some sort of perfect escapist bubbles. The Witcher spares the audience no jabs at society. It's even realistic that Geralt could take a bribe and screw over the guy that got his shop burnt down. I really can't do that though, my moral compass tells me that the arsonist needs his comeuppance.


    Do you think this game is about experiencing Geralt's ethical worldview? Shaping it to meet yours? Or something else entirely?

    Friday 10 March, 2017 by Jeff_Nay
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