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    Feb 15th, 2009 at 22:59:31     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Stereotypes were talked about a lot in most of the game log entry's about GTA San Andreas. There are definite stereotypes about most of the people in the game, the gang members are mostly african-american or hispanic. This is very strange to me and I think that it is a bad portrayal of the American streets that are coated in crime. Sexism was also brought to my attention, I thought about how all the prostitutes are women and they are also usually non-white peoples.
    The problems that CJ faces touch on many wrongs in value. He has to kill anyone he sees, he must steal from innocent people in order to advance in the game, and conducts in all issues that go against moral codes. It is very hard to play the game without conduct against moral codes. The values that are portrayed in the game are that he is trying to stay alive and it is very important to think of this as if you were in the game. If you were CJ and people randomly shot at you, you would ave to go toward the values of saving your own life. Another value that is seen in GTA is that he is trying to save his family and that he was framed for murder and he is trying to get through to help himself out. It's kind of ironic because he was framed for murder and he must kill people in order to advance around San Andreas. The values that are against the game are that innocent people are being killed, only the life of CJ matters, and that you are able to steal from anyone. All of these wronged values are very much not even thought about when playing the game. All the gamer has to think about is saving CJ's life and completing the missions at hand.
    Justice in no means is met in this game. There is no moral integrity or righteousness in the game. Anyone can be killed and the game will continue, that is unless CJ is killed.
    Overall I did enjoy playing the game and it definitely was a new experience for me, the non-gamer. I don't think I would recommend playing it to anyone however. I found a lot of the moral issues, stereotypes and bits of racism very degrading to our culture. I think that there could be a better place to set the game as well. Obviously it was easy for the game developers to make the gang members non-white because the game was set in a city that is close to Mexico and has a reputation of a crime prone 'hood'. All of the moral issues that i found in the game made me not want my children to ever play it until they are of appropriate age and awareness of the false guidelines that are portrayed in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

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    Feb 15th, 2009 at 22:08:30     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Playing the game a second time I found myself thinking about Cultural Relativism and if a foreigner were to play this game would what would they think of our country? Cultural relativism pertains to the idea that cultures have different moral codes and customs. Throughout the missions that i played I kept thinking about how unrealistic and false to American culture the game is. In no way is killing people and stealing part of American culture, or at least as a passable moral code. Murder and crime does happen in our lives but not like the game portrays.
    If I were a parent I would not like for my children to play this game under the age of 14. Is that an example of my own personal subjectivism? Subjectivism is a person's opinion on what is right and wrong. I think that the violence in Grand Theft Auto is not suitable for younger children and with learning minds it would give children the wrong impression and morals about what is acceptable in our culture and society.
    Much of what we fight for in life is forced and conducted through our 'oughts'. When I was playing GTA and the missions became harder and bloodier, I found myself with many oughts. I thought, in order to advance at all in this game I Have to kill people and steal cars. I had to adopt the means necessary to achieve the ends I was seeking for. So the morals in this game are very skewed. I do not go through life thinking that in order to get through my day I ought to kill someone or I ought to steal. There are many problems that are not realistic and go against the moral codes of American life. What are this game's 'morals' doing to the people who play this game regularly?
    If morality is a matter of acting on reason then the missions of CJ seem just however. CJ, in order to live, has to kill people. Since this is a game and we as humans do not face the same problems everyday like CJ therefore do not have to question our morals and reasoning. If someone was put in a life or death situation where they had to kill someone to stay alive, how many people would think of this as a acceptable moral reason to kill? Morality in this game is not very true to human form and typically the law would get in the way if someone were to go on as big of a killing spree as me and CJ did today.

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    Feb 15th, 2009 at 18:50:40     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Seeing as I have never played any games on a playstation before, I found my first try at Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas as more of just a starter to how the game works and how to work the controller. I have never really played many video games before this, besides old school nintendos, so this assignment was very interesting and definitely a new experience for me.

    I had an ex-boyfriend who would always play Grand Theft Auto and I would always watch him kill gangsters and steal random people's cars. I never knew what it was like to actually be in the game.

    Many of the posts on this gamelog talk about the racial issues and stereotypes that are portrayed in this game, however i decided to look up some population information about San Andreas to see how accurate it might be. San Andreas has a population of about 2,600 peoples and 92% of them are white and only .08% of the population is Hispanic or Latino and 6% of the population are african-american. I found this very interesting because all of the gang members that were seen in the game were either black or hispanic. I don't know if this holds true to daily life in San Andreas today.

    Because it was my first time ever playing the game I did not follow any of the missions and I just found myself walking around and trying to figure out how the game works. I took CJ all over town and people would just come out of nowhere and shoot at him for no reason. I thought this a little bit odd and not exactly realistic, however I have never been to San Andreas so i have no real perception of what it is like to walk around there. In order for CJ to survive I had to either shoot back at the gangs or I would have to run for my life, I usually tried to run to keep from killing anyone. I tried to play this game as if I were really CJ and I found this very difficult. I had to kill people, which goes against moral code and ethics in daily life, and I found it very unrewarding to kill anyone. I can see how people would want to play this game because it lets you go against morals that you otherwise would have to follow in daily life, unless you were in a high crime area of course, then it would seem more realistic. I don't like having to kill people and I found it very hard to trust anyone in the game and usually by not killing people I would die faster.

    I had played the first time for about 45 minutes and I soon became very frustrated with what the game entails and the crimes I had to commit in order to survive. Stealing and killing are part of the daily life for CJ and this is morally wrong and a bad influence on the minds of gamers.

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