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    Feb 16th, 2009 at 00:09:09     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Game Log 1-
    I have been playing Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas since it came out. It is probably one of my favorite games that I have ever played. However the reason I enjoy it is because I like being able to do illegal activities without actually getting in trouble for them. I find myself rarely trying to accomplish missions, but instead trying to pick up prostitutes, steal cars, and kill random people. I can understand why the game is so controversial because if I, a nineteen year old girl who rarely plays video games can get addicted to this virtual gangster lifestyle, I can't imagine the effects it may have on some of the teenage boys it is targeted to.

    One aspect of the game that is disturbing to many people is its portrayal of women. First off most of the women in the game that we see are walking down the sidewalks wearing skimpy outfits, swaying thier hips, and making comments such as " You want a good time honey? Lets be quick about it alright?" This type of behavior makes women seem as they are there for the sole purpose of a male sex object. It almost makes it seem that it is funny or cool to be disrespectful towards women. For example, as I was playing my male roommate was watching and commenting on my skills. After I picked up a prostitute and my vehicle got done shaking and sqeaking, she got out, and then I proceeded to run her over and take her money. As I was doing this, my roommate was laughing and making some derogatory comments geared toward women. It kind of goes to show that although this is just a game, many of its concepts are subconsicously imbedded into the back of our minds. Another thing that I found interesting about this particular part of the game is that my characters health went up. To me this suggests that sex is good no matter what the circumstances, even if is with someone off the side of the street. In todays modern age with all the many unplanned pregnacys and sexually transmitted diseases caused by the lack of knowledge about sex I do not believe that this is a message that should be obtained through a video game.

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