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    Aug 12th, 2009 at 01:01:19     -    Child's Play Things (PC)

    CPT is game project from my Senior Year at UCSC. It involves a doll that switches limbs from defeated enemies to gain abilities. If anyone is interested in downloading it(it's a pain in the ass) here is the link

    But word's are useless so here's some gameplay:

    And here's some cutscenes:

    I don't know if I can really explain it any better than that. I pitched the game to some professors and it was one of 4 games picked out of the ten pitched. I was very excited and honored by the decision. My favorite parts of the development process was the voice acting, story writting, and seeing what I spent hours programming appearing correctly on screen.

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    Aug 12th, 2009 at 00:40:12     -    Time Kufc Beta (PC)

    I have officially beta tested an unreleased game. I'm actually still in the midst of playing it(about halfway through), but if I don't update my blog every day the universe will fall out sync and Ronald Reagan will rise from the grave as our Dark Lord. Anyway Time Kfuc is really good. My complaint with some indie puzzle games(like Braid) has been they are way to slow paced and didn't give off a sense of urgency. Another complaint I had about Braid was that me being the illiterate bastard I am, I never knew the story so I didn't get the ending. But in Time Kfuc I am constantly moving, jumping from platform to platform, I am moving aaaand thinking and as a man of action I enjoy that. The story is simple and funny. Even though you still have to read the readings are short and enjoyable. The art may be monochromatic, but it is refined and understandable. The connotations of the shapes translate well from the artists intent to the player's intuitions. Unlike that Adventure game for Atari. That thing is duck and I don't care what your mom says! But enough scratching the surface the game play is really solid and every level offers something new. There is no redundancy. New items and interactable objects come forth for every level you complete. The plane swapping mechanic is really dope too. In Child's Play Things we tried something similar but we had alot going on already and the appilication of the mechanic was reduced from a main mechanic to a single level in the entire game. I'll write about that game tomorrow. But this game uses it as main mechanic and uses it well. In Conclusion I give this game my seal of approval. I know I've only played half. But my glass is half full.

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    Aug 12th, 2009 at 00:39:13     -    Batman Arkham Asylum Demo (PC)

    I have played the demo of Arkham Asylum on Steam. And I must say not since Buddha, Jesus, and Moses danced around the may poll has such a divine occurrence occurred. It is everything they said it was. The free flow combat feels just right, not as redundant as a beat 'em up and not monotonous as other action games. The stealth is pretty much optional but too fun to avoid. The story and characters fit perfectly in the mythos. This will be the best game ever. Period.

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    Aug 12th, 2009 at 00:37:27     -    Atari 2600 (2600)

    I recently bought an Atari. My friend wanted 30 but I managed to convice him down to 20. I believe it was a wise investment. I'm not sure why. When I brought it back to my house I popped in Donkey Kong and let my housemates have a go. Unfortunately they could not move Mario and promptly claimed that the machine was possessed by Satan. So I took the controller and moved the obese plumber with ease. They were shamed and went back to playing Call of Duty and I celebrated my victory by beating the first screen. I also played Space Invaders, it was exactly as I expected. The only game I haven't tried yet is Adventure because the Dragon/Duck haunts my nightmares. I was thinking about buying more games. But then I realized I was thinking about buying Atari games and promptly put the system in the closet. Forever.

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