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    Oct 5th, 2009 at 20:01:58     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Game play:
    I really like the story that is involved in the game. You start out just knowing that you’re a plumber rescuing a Princess, but as you go along, you meet other characters who add to the story. There’s Toad who is a helper to the Princess, and Lakitu who holds the camera to record Mario’s adventures. The fact that you can move through portraits is an interesting way to create a narrative. You see some of the same characters appear over and over, eventually ending up in the same place.
    I didn’t have any interesting social interactions this time around, but when I was a kid it was family tradition to sit around watching dad play the game for a few hours. So whenever I play now, I inevitably remember back to that time. This allows a pleasant emotional state whenever I play the game.

    When this game first came out, it was very innovative for it’s time. Not only the graphics, but also the amount of free choice you had in the game. The game’s story was, and always will be a classic. There are very few people who don’t know the name of Mario. Mario set the new standard for N64 games when it came out.
    The game keeps the player interested through the extremely different level designs. There’s the desert area with living cactuses, and the lava land with fire dragons. Each one is unique and allows for a new discovering, allowing you to not be bored. There are a lot of different characters for each level as well as a few returning ones. It was always fun for me to see the different characters on each level.

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    Oct 5th, 2009 at 19:42:35     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Super Mario64 is about a plumber named Mario who goes off to rescue his beloved Princess Peach. The evil dragon Bowzer who sets challenges for Mario inside of lands inside portraits captures her. Your goal of the game is to capture stars in order to get closer to fighting Bowzer.

    Game play:
    Super Mario64 is very interesting to play. Its story is so different from all others, and it’s graphics so classic, it will always hold a place in game history. While playing as Mario, you wouldn’t think it’d be fun playing as a little Italian man yelling “yahoo!” but it really is. You can’t help but feel happy when he grabs a star, or smashes an enemy flat.
    I really like in Mario how you can choose which stage you want to go in to. You have a certain number of pictures that are unlocked, and you can go into any of them to earn stars. I like this amount of choice that you have because I certainly have my favorite levels that I love going back to over and over again to make sure I’ve gotten all the possible stars out of them that I can.

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    Sep 28th, 2009 at 18:31:05     -    Doom 3 (XBX)

    Game play –
    Doom 3 has always been a fun game for me to play. This session was no different. The game play is just different enough from other games to make each session seem unique. I also enjoy the subtle details in the environment that I notice each time. For instance, this time I noticed that the slime tentacles that begin to appear have graphics that make them appear to ooze down a wall. Very interesting to stand and watch for a while. Also the randomly appearing body parts like a torn apart torso make for interesting game play.
    My friend is just being introduced to first person shooter games recently, so of course she was interested to see this game being played. This was the first horror first person shooter that she had seen and agreed with me that it was definitely different from what she had played before. We enjoyed watching each other play that game and laugh, as we got scared over monsters jumping out.

    Design –
    The game world for Doom 3 is essential to the game play and mood. For instance, at one of the levels I played through, you were directed through a narrow hallway when the lights suddenly went out. As the lights flickered every few seconds, you saw messages written in blood and an occasional ghostly figure in the background. This setting is much different than if it were a brightly lit hallway. The mood of the game world adds to the fright that players feel while playing.
    This brings another point around. Doom 3 is a classical example of spacial challenges. They make you tunnel down a narrow hall and come out on the other side, which is full of creatures. You eventually make your way through the hallway, big room sequence to come into a massive cavern where there is a big boss fight. This continues throughout the game and actually becomes quite predictable.

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    Sep 28th, 2009 at 13:05:53     -    Doom 3 (XBX)

    Summary –
    Doom 3 takes place in a research station on a far away planet, presumably far in the future. You take on the role of unnamed soldier who is sent to UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) to bring things back under control after scientists begin to disappear. You soon find out though that mutants and aliens who are now running amuck around the station have killed the scientists. If this wasn’t bad enough, you soon uncover a conspiracy by the very people who called you to help. Throughout the game, you battle increasingly difficult monsters while gathering more amazing and outlandish guns (one of which is actually called the BFG, the Big F***ing Gun).

    Game play –
    Doom 3 has always held a soft spot in my heart. When I was a kid, I used to watch my dad play the old pixilated Doom and since then it always brings back memories of those days. So when I picked up Doom 3 to play again, it was with excitement that I began. Doom 3 took in to account more than just the normal first person shooter actions. It took into account the scariness of game play. Monster are constantly jumping out at you, or popping up through the floorboards, or hands grabbing your feet through stairs. A way that ID created more scariness was by adding a special feature for those with surround sound. If you hook up a surround sound system, then every now and then, it sounds like an alien is walking behind you. The effect was so real that I actually looked up a few times before I realized what was happening.
    I don’t know what it is about first person shooters that makes them want to have a nameless main character. I personally can’t really relate to him, so I would love to have a name that would give him a little story. Other than that though, he’s your normal space marine with a big hulking figure who grunts when shot. The other characters in the game though have slightly more expansive stories. There’s the other marine named Sarge who shows up throughout the game and eventually gets caught up in mutations, and even the guard you see at the beginning of the game named Pinky who shows up later as a mutated dog attached to a wheelchair. So while the main character may be lacking, the side ones certainly aren’t.

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