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    Oct 29th, 2009 at 15:16:21     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    I started playing in the hell level. Looks like trying to beat the hell level is pointless because the enemies are too hard and I just keep dying. I realized that this time, instead of me chasing people, its the demons chasing me.

    They stole the sounds and enemies straight from doom which makes me ask, can they even legally make a game with those sprites? I guess since its not-for-profit, its okay. Which kind of irks me because in LittleBigPlanet, if you make something based on a movie or game you like, they can remove it for copyright infringement stuff. Seems like it should be the other way around.

    Next question is why did they base the hell level on Doom? Obviously because the Columbine Shooters played Doom. What kind of message are they trying to say? I dont think there is a message, they are just linking 2 similar things together, the kids played Doom, and now that they are in hell, they are in Doom. Maybe they are saying that the Columbine Shooters got what they wanted. Since they played Doom and Doom inspired them to go on the shooting (supposedly), they then actually were put into the game Doom when they went to hell.

    Can u beat the hell level or is their something to achieve? I am not sure, I was wondering around pretty far and I saved, so it didn't seem like there was anything to achieve, pretty much just to run around and see how long you can survive. Maybe if I went down a different path there would be something to do, but since I saved, it would be too hard to go back and check.

    I watched part of the movie "Playing Columbine" online, it looks like they were talking almost exactly what I was talking about in my last blog that pretty much the Columbine shooters did the shooting as a war against society.

    I thought it was interesting when that girl said that after the shooting, people were very nice and compassionate to each other, but then after a while, they began to stop caring about each other and the girl asked "Why cant they just keep on caring for each other?"... maybe that is the problem with society, after a while, people stop to care. It reminds me about how our society now-a-days is alot more solitude then the way it used to be in the past. In the past, people actually knew their neighbors and talked to them and actually cared for each other. But now, maybe because of TV, people just lock themselves in their house and usually dont talk to their neighbors. There is a great fear of talking to strangers in the US. Why is that? In alot of other countries I noticed people are much more friendly to strangers. They like to get to know people and hear their stories. I think it might have to do with the fear that people in the US live in. For example, I am always living in the fear of being racist, sexist, offensive, etc... I might say or do something that someone doesn't like and then I get labeled as a racist and then everyone in society hates me just because of that label. So because of that, people live in fear, they are afraid to talk to strangers or their neighbors, afraid to care for them because of the fear that they might get labeled as something bad and then will suffer because of that label. I think this is why people stop caring for each other in this society, because of that fear of trying to be a nice person and then being punished for it, therefore rather then trying to be a nice person, people just stop caring. So like the girl asked in the movie Playing Columbine, "Why cant people just keep being nice to each other?" Its because in our society, there is a fear of being nice, what is causing that fear I am not sure, but I think it has to do with the influence of the media always stressing "DONT BE RACIST, DONT BE SEXIST, YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH SEXUAL HARASSMENT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH HATE CRIME, DONT HELP STRANGERS, DONT TALK TO PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW, ETC.." All this stuff leads to fear and forces people to live in solitude and not caring for others. The only time when we break out of that solitude is when something drastic happens like a school shooting and people need to start caring and helping each other out to make it through, but soon after that, the fear kicks in again and people start living in solitude and stop caring for those around them again.

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    Oct 29th, 2009 at 01:16:08     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Just to sum up my thinking. I think the shooters knew that something was wrong with society, thats why they opposed it. They thought what was wrong is that it promotes being a good person. So they thought the best way to oppose it was by doing a school shooting, pretty much going against everything that is society and good.

    I also agree that something is wrong with society, but I realize that what is wrong is that society promotes evil. So the best way to oppose that is to be a good person.

    Is making fun of someone a good thing? No it is not. Do people still do it? Yes. Are they rewarded? Yes, they become popular, while the person made fun of is unpopular. Is this right? No... As you can see, there is something wrong with society, because it rewards those who do wrong and punishes those that do not, as in the example above.

    There are many examples of how society promotes wrong doing. I think this is what made the shooters oppose society. It is what makes me oppose society and its norms. But I think the shooters were mistaken, instead of realizing that the problem with society is that it promotes 'evil', they thought that it promotes 'good'. I think that was their mortal mistake.

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    Oct 29th, 2009 at 00:49:48     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Okay I played for about an hour, had trouble figuring out what to do. I spent most of the time just running around shooting people and being stressed out because I didnt want to kill anymore people, I just wanted to move on to the next part but I didn't know what I needed to do to advance the storyline. Then my older bro came into my room to watch for a bit, he told me that they killed themselves in the library, so I ran around and sure enough, I triggered a cut-scene. Also he told me that he saw something on Youtube that there were more then 2 shooters. But my bro is gullible into conspiracy theories, so Im not listening to him. Anyways, I stopped playing after I appeared in hell cuz I had too much of the game.

    The game is really stressful. I think it was mainly stressful because I didn't know what to do. I guess kill people was what I was supposed to do, but I didn't want to do that, so I didn't know what to do. So I decided to keep playing just because I wanted to play through the game completely for class. So only reason I was killing people was for class. Why do we have to play this game for class? It seems like if any game, this is the game we SHOULDN'T play for school. But I guess it might be relevant because of violence+games+school+ethics. Which if you think about the Columbine Shooting, I guess it has all of that. I can keep ranting but I'll talk about the game.

    Something I was thinking about after playing the game was about what the shooters were saying about life. They said before the shooting while waiting on the hill that the reason they had to do this was because they didn't want to live a life where they had to wake up early, work out, dress nice, be polite, etc... I guess I was thinking about that today because I signed up for the gym next to my house because I want to start working out and waking up early, pretty much the stuff that the shooters were against. In a way, it seems like they don't want to live this predetermined path where they have to conform to all the rules of society. You might say that they do not need to wake up early and go to the gym and be nice and study hard, etc... but infact, they do. Why? Because if they didn't do that stuff, they wont be successful in life and they will have people saying "Whats wrong with those people? why dont they do things that normal people do?"... people make fun of them because they are different. They are never happy. This reminds me of the movie 'Office Space' where the main character doesn't want to conform to working the typical office job. So maybe the shooters realized that if they didn't conform to society, that they wouldn't be able to live a happy life, and therefore they would rather kill themselves then live a pointless life where they can never be happy. Also the cutscene showing them living on an island shows that even if they escaped reality and lived on their own away from everyone, society and its people would eventually find them and bring them back. It seems like after playing the game that they just wanted to kill themselves, but then why did they kill as many people as possible? Was it revenge to society? The game seems to show that they just wanted to break out of the norms of what people expected them to do, and maybe by doing this, they can make society go back to its primitive form of 'survival of the fittest'.

    Am I justifying the shooters actions? Do I agree with them? Obviously not. But if I did would that be a bad thing? Should I be reported to the police to be monitored as a potential school shooter? Would it be bad that I might agree or might relate to some of the thinking that the shooters had?

    First let me just say that, I dont know much about the actual Columbine Massacre. I dont know what was in the heads of the shooters, I dont even know much of the details. So really, the only thing I know is based off of this game I played, which probably, most of the info is incorrect. But, from the info presented in the game, I can say that I do relate to some of the stuff they say in the game.

    Sorry, I get off topic here, but this is a blog and I feel like venting a bit. I did get picked on in school and I didn't have any friends, I was not happy when I was younger. There were times when thinking about doing a school shooting was fun. It was fun to think about because I liked thinking about how bad everyone would feel for treating me badly. They would be like "maybe we shouldn't have made fun of him" or "maybe if we treated him nicer then this wouldn't have happened" and then they would start feeling bad about their actions. The thing that frustrates me the most is when people do bad things and dont get punished, I felt that they were doing bad things to me but weren't being punished for it. My situation was different then what the Columbine shooters went through, but in a way, I can say that I can relate. So why didn't I ever go on a school shooting rampage? Alot of reasons, but I guess because I knew in my heart that it was not the right thing to do and that hopefully there is a God and that God will punish those who have done me harm, therefore I need not worry.

    Even today I still get picked on by people and get screwed over, but its not as direct as when I was younger. I've realized that in order to be successful in life, you need to take advantage of people, lie a little, backstab someone here and there, and pretty much do alot of legal 'evil' acts. But I have decided that I dont want to live a successful life and that I will not conform to societies norms. Instead, I want to live a good life and be a good person.

    In a way, maybe I view life the complete opposite way as do the Columbine Shooters. They viewed life as being that you have to conform with people around you and become a 'good' person which they didn't want to do. I view life as being that you have to conform with people around you and become 'evil' which I do not want to do. So in essence, they became completely evil to oppose society while I am becoming completely good to oppose society. If this logic makes any sense, which one of us is right and which one of us is wrong? And why do we want to oppose society? Is it because we are 'rebels' as pointed out in the game? I guess I dont want to oppose society... I just want to be a good person, therefore I oppose society because I view society as evil. Interesting.

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    Oct 27th, 2009 at 01:11:14     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    I was interested to play this game since I had heard about it before. I heard that it was entered into a competition (IGF I think?) but was removed off the list and there was a big controversy about it. I always felt that the people who made this game did it just for attention and to make themselves stand out and above the crowd as video game developers, which to me is sad. If that was their intention, it looks like they did well, on their website it says that the games popularity is overwhelming. The fact we have to play this for school feeds into that fact. I feel as if promoting this game is a bad thing, because its like, we are giving the game developers what they want, attention, similar to what Eric and Dylan want in the game, attention.

    I was disappointed to see that it was made with RPG Maker 2000. As a gaming student, its pretty sad to see that this game could be so popular and yet still be so... childishly developed. There are so many other games that have had much longer development times and work put into them that don't reach even 1/100th the popularity that this game has. As a gaming student, it makes me angry that this game is so popular because of how badly programmed it is.

    Anyways, as to the game, I guess one thing I was thinking is, is anything in this game factual? for example, the message they leave on the tape recorder, is that stuff they actually said? Or is this just the developer putting words in their mouth? I know this is just a game, but they are basing it on a historical event with the characters being real people. The developers of this game have the power to change our view of Eric and Dylan and the actual event that occurred in real life. Playing this game may give me the false view of who they were and what actually occurred that day. I think this game needs to take a stance of "This is not accurately based on the actual event" or, they need to specify what is factual and what is not.

    What is the point of this game? Is it to show how its ridiculous to blame games/media for the shooting? Is it to show that games/media led to the shooting? Is it to make the player realize what influenced Eric and Dylan? I really have no clue at this point, it just feels like a game that was made, just to be made.

    I was frustrated while playing it. The game didn't give good instructions on what to do when placing the bombs. Also dodging people in the hall is a pain. When it came to the actual shooting people part, I was surprised to find, that I really felt bad attacking people. My older bro came in the room to look for a bit and was like "You need to shoot people" and I was like "I dont want to if I dont have to". Its probably the first time I felt bad killing people in a video game because I knew they were innocent. Probably the only time I didn't feel terribly bad was in the bathroom there were bullies beating up a kid. So I was like, "okay, I guess these guys aren't wholly innocent" so I killed them. I figured I need to shoot some people, so if anyone, I should shoot them". I thought that whole part was stupid, why would bullies be beating up someone when there is a school shooting? but I guess the developers were trying to put some interesting scenarios into the game so it didn't feel so bland. I guess they were also trying to say that the shooters related with the kid getting picked on, which is why they did the shooting in the first place, maybe? Well, thats the message the developer is trying to make I think.

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