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    Jan 14th, 2010 at 08:35:39     -    Final Fantasy VII (PS)

    I have been playing Final Fantasy for years now and Final Fantasy VII is defiantly one of my favorites.

    Final Fantasy VII is a great game. This is because i believe that the turn based system is defiantly one of the better that i have played not only is it simple and it works but it doesn't need much thought to work out and master the system. i also believe that the story line although long is good each player has their own problems and their own reason to fight and to continue with the story.

    The graphics were some of the best at the time of release and despite the graphics being of what people would call poor quality now i am still playing this game because i love the game and i defiantly love the rest of the systems that are in place in Final Fantasy VII.

    Such examples of this is the materia system while yes the percentages of what gets weaker and gets stronger should defiantly be taken into account it is relatively simple to apply. this of course co interacts with the weapon system. As you go through the game and you obtain better weaponry you are able to use more materia and even make that materia stronger depending on the growth rate of the weapon.

    I also like the whole two additional characters that you actually didn't need to complete the game. Yuffie the ninja from Wutai and Vincent Valentine a former Turk that has been experimented on.

    Lastly what i like about this gam is not just all mentioned above but all the little extras that went into the game. Golden Saucer, Chocobo Breeding/Racing, Beating the weapons, Yuffie, Vincent and much much more

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    Jan 14th, 2010 at 08:16:23     -    Final Fantasy VII (PS)

    Today i have played Final Fantasy VII both on play-station and PSP and i have just entered the train graveyard and i am waiting till i am level 11 and obtained blade beam to move on. I did this at roughly half past 12 this morning OH YHHHHH!!!!!!!

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