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    Jan 19th, 2010 at 10:07:43     -    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (XBX)

    So as this assignment comes to a close I have come to realize that there is so much to this game that I have barely even made a dent on any progress to completing the actual game. I have been involved in the drive-bys of the rival gangs; driven around finding other rival gangs tags on the walls and tagged over them; and have improved my look by eating healthy (which seems to be really expensive just like in real life) and working out. I have gained a lot of respect so far and have made a good amount of money. I have found that while beating people and shooting them is fun it is much more efficient to just run over any of the other gang members that you can. This kills them a lot faster and you donít even have to get out of the car. Trying to find out where to go is a challenge as well. Next to driving the navigation is extremely difficult but not impossible as I learned that memorizing is the best bet after watching my little brother play for some time I learned the layout of the streets so once I played things were just a little bit easier. As far as the overall game goes itís a very entertaining game which poses a lot of moral questions. For instance is it really wrong to kill a drug dealer or is causing so much suffering in the community by getting people hooked on drugs? Is it really so bad that CJ is killing the rival gang bangers that shoot at him every time he drives down the street? One may argue that CJ is moral because he is causing greater happiness then harm by killing these people and even saving lives.

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    Jan 18th, 2010 at 21:09:11     -    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (XBX)

    As I stated in my earlier blog I am not a big fan of playing video games especially games like GTA: San Andreas. So I decided to try to make playing the game a little easier on myself and found out how to use cheat codes in the game. I found a cheat that allows me to not only posses all the weapons but have infinite ammo as well. This was great because that is the part that interested me most about the game. Itís a little easier to take on the gangs when you can choose from any weapon as well as not run out of health. The driving portion of the game is still very difficult so I am hoping that improves with time because the drive-by mission is starting to frustrate me. If it were not for the cheat codes I might have even given up because u lose your health, car, money, and weapons. Iím starting to realize how realistic they game can be as far as eating and working out even being able to choose your own haircut to appeal to what you want to. CJ even has to deal with common problems that plague todayís impoverished areas of our country such as protecting the neighborhood in his own way against drugs and other rival gangs. The gangs being one of the main problems. The characters of the game are no doubt fictional and stereotypical, but they do bear a remarkable resemblance not only in their beliefs, but the way they act and talk to real life people that I have known or encountered in my life in similar conditions. So far my main problem with the game is that the violence and hardships of real life people has been glamorized and in a way may even seem ďcoolĒ to some people. once you get over all that though beating people and trying to taking prostitutes to an area where you can hook up with then is extremely funny.

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    Jan 17th, 2010 at 21:11:31     -    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (XBX)

    I am not a big fan of playing video games so when I began to play GTA: San Andreas it was difficult to understand how the controls worked in order to move the character around. After playing for about ten minutes I finally got use to the control and was pulling people out of cars and beating random people as they walked down the streets in no time. The first thing I wanted to experience in the game was the world that I was living in not realizing that every one of my actions had a reaction from a gang or policemen. I am a big fan of weapons so I spent the majority of my game play time using as many weapons as I could find and just started killing anyone I saw. Thinking about it that evens feels weird to say but surprisingly I had a lot of fun doing it until the police came after me in swarms. Over all my game play experience went well and have become a new fan of the game. I plan on starting to actually play some missions soon and truly discover what San Andreas is really about.

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