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    Jan 18th, 2010 at 22:11:37     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    After running around town looking for trouble I didnít really find the game to be my cup of tea. I was not eager in completing my mission so I just killed a lot of people for my last half hour of playing the game. I though the game was ground breaking for the fact that they just add random people on the street for you to kill or assault. The whole layout of the game was fascinating with the suburbs in the beginning and then riding to the city where a lot of the gangsters where.
    I was surprised that after you kill somebody you could still kick their dead bodies around. I had no clue that I had the capability to also through my bike and other objects at people and kill them. while walking around I also notice that the real threats where the black and Hispanic people. the few white people really didnít fight back but if you attack a Hispanic or black dude they had weapons on them that they pulled out and they start to defend themselves.

    It was a lot more interesting when they fought back so I just started to attack all the civilians who I thought would fight back making me stereotype throughout the game. This game is probably the most violent games I have ever played but I can see why it was such a big deal with so many game goers. This games allows you to do the extremes and you have to do what they say or else you canít move on to the next mission. My overall view of the game is that itís violent, it makes players stereotype and cause them to be involved in ruthless activities.

    I donít think that there is any reasoning to the game. If it was in real life Iím sure that the natural law or the utilitarian theory would not agree with what the player is doing.

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    Jan 18th, 2010 at 22:11:09     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    My second experience playing this game got interesting. I was buying guns, working out and just hitting/killing random people on the street. I didnít really care about the mission so I was just running around town exploring what it had to offer. It was great to know that I had to take care of my health in this game. I found out that I could get fat and that could have a negative effect to my overall performance.

    So I just started to attack anyone I saw on the street and it was nice to take their weapon and/or money. I just focused on getting a lot of money so I could get more weapons of my choice. The experience I got from this session was how focused the game was on violence and law breaking. Stereo typing was more noticeable also. The white people are mainly business people and the main enemies are the blacks and Hispanics. Not to mention that most of the ladies in the game are prostitutes that are just there for the players entertainment.

    I can see that itís interesting and itís definitely out of the ordinary (at the time). I was just getting myself in a lot of trouble running away from cops, killing random people and stealing. That was my main experience and I didnít have to care of the consequences. I was so free in the game and I did anything I wanted to. Iím a pretty peaceful person and just throwing someone out of the car and stealing it was really harsh to me.

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    Jan 18th, 2010 at 22:10:37     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    While playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, my first experience with the game was positive. The game was very interesting in the way it was all set up. This was my first time playing GTA and I thought the story line is creative in a way that CarlĎs(CJ) brother and mother both passed away and he had come back to his home town to check up on everybody.

    While I was playing the game I thought it was interesting that my buddies (gang) talked all this crap about how I look. One of the lines where ďget a haircut I canít be seen with you.Ē It was interesting how they really cared about image.

    While starting off I also notice the language use in the game. I rarely play video games and this one stands out big time for its profound language.
    Itís taking a while for me to get used to the remote control and actually playing the game but overall my first mission was a success. Tagging over my rivals symbol was classic and it was nice to just break the law, cause violence, and not be accountable for it.

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