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    Mar 4th, 2010 at 23:24:04     -    monopoly (Other)

    The game I choose to play for non-electronic games was Monopoly ... the Disney version. I got this game while out shopping with my fiance so I thought it would be most fitting to play it with her. We played one game over 2 hours, but took a break in between for sessions. I forgot to break this up so I'll just role it all into one log.

    The gameplay follows traditional monopoly, except that the pieces and properties resemble Disney movies and tv shows as opposed to the original. As with any monopoly game, the game play can be quite long, especially with multiple people.

    It's hard to talk about the innovative elements of the game since it has been around for so long. At the time that it came out, I'm sure it was as innovative as can be. But after so many changes in it's composure over the years, it's hard to think of it any other way.

    The game can keep one interested by the strategy and luck that may end up causing a player currently in last place to pull ahead with the roll of one die. Course after awhile when it becomes obvious who will win the game becomes more tedious until all others are bankrupt.

    As far as changing, well some classics just aren't meant to change, and I think that the tried and true version of monopoly is as good as it could get. Thankfully the most frustrating part (the length) can be taken care of by the shorter version of the game where you basically Devi up the properties at the becoming, making the game leap forward if you will.

    I see this game relating to games of status and properties, much like SimCity where you have to expand and strengthen your weaknesses to move on and conquer your enemies.

    As the game moves on though, you can see some emerging complexity as you can build cottages and castles that require a different amount of money when landed on by the opposing player. Also there is more complexity as the game moves on and you begin to run out of money you have to make choices what to do, build, buy, move on and leave for someone else weighing the different possibilities and their outcomes that fits best for you.

    Since I won, my fiance will tell you that I responded quite childishly and with a large smile on my face, but to be honest I just enjoyed the game and her lovely company. There is some pride though when you know that the cottages you invested in on the equivalent of Park Place and Boardwalk pay off after one fateful role of the die.

    There was some great flow with the game since my fiance and I were both very attentive with the game ready to take our turn and respective duties as soon as the time came for them. Since the game is easy to play and get into, it was easy to lose track of time while getting caught up in the game.

    It was a very happy go lucky feeling playing the game with my fiance, getting into the luck of the role that was and unfortunately also not my favor. Personally I love to get into games like this because I believe that it adds to the experience and overall enjoyment of the game when you can laugh at others, and your own misfortune. There were no other bystanders around but they probably would have gotten bored after awhile not being directly involved with the game.

    This game is already implemented in many ways as far as the computer is related. From PC to Internet, to billion dollar fast food joints, this game is well initiated into the current world of electronics. The gameplay can luckily stay mostly the same. Obviously the role of the dice is a random number generator, and the pieces aren't tangible, but the idea and soul of the game is still there between the players.

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    Jan 28th, 2010 at 19:57:39     -    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

    I played CoD4 for another hour this morning before class, still on the freeze tag mod, and noticed that the quality of the game and what it's about is the same but only when the server remains active. When the server has less people on it the game tends to seem less appealing at times even though the gameplay is still the same in respects to game design and physics. I believe this can be attributed to some maps being so large that if you just run around the map never finding anyone, you tend to lose intrest faster. Obviously this isn't always true, since I have had rounds with only me and one other person, and sometimes the challenge of finding that one person can be quite entertaining.
    I see this game as being very well designed and thought out, giving the player many options of games to partake in (stock games such as Team Match, Headquarters, Domination, Search and Destroy, and Sabatage) and if those don't suit him you can always create more (Freeze tag, Star wars mod, Zombie, etc.). This makes the game able to last longer since the capabilities are always increasing, instead of staying constant where you can get tired of them more quickly.

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    Jan 28th, 2010 at 19:57:27     -    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

    This night I played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for over 3 hours. Specifically I played a freeze tag mod on CoD4 known as g13ftag. Freeze tag mods require a different strategy than just the normal shoot first and ask questions later moto. What many new players fail to realize is that if you don't defrost when you have the chance, except when your player is in immediate danger, your team will end up losing because no one will be free to defrost you when you get frozen. However, if you defrost on your way to a certain area on the map, when you finally do get frozen, there is a good chance someone will be behind you able to defrost you, since you defrosted them. This game tends to flow very well, even though there is a good chance that you will spend a large portion of your time frozen, unable to move or respawn. But as long as you have other people talking with you trying to work to get you defrosted and win, it's worth the chance of being frozen. On the particular server I was on, they have their own system of points where at every levels, you get a new icon to display your rank. With this I am always striving to reach the next level, while still having fun all the same. What makes this game fun though is being able to actively talk through a mic with other people on your team, and while doing this you begin to get to know people and recognize their voice making the game more like an active community than anything.
    Also, on this server they tend to run custom maps that other people have made, always making the game new and challenging as opposed to knowing that map so well (and other people knowing it as well) that all the defects are exploited and tends to ruin the game. Although the game doesn't have any emerging complexity, there is a learning curve since the people on the game typically have been playing it for awhile and will know what to do and be able to do it well as opposed to a new player. My partner and I actually both know of this game and it gave us the idea to make a top down shooter since we both knew we liked shooter games.

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