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    Mar 2nd, 2010 at 02:38:45     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    I wished that I could've played my old save file in which I beat the game, but I couldn't access my memory card. I didn't even touch main mission. As soon as I gained control of CJ, I used several cheats, one to get me body armor, one to give me weapons, and one to make everyone riot like they do near the end of the game. I occasionally saw buildings in smoke, people carrying TVs, and cars spontaneously exploding. Normally, when this happens, the riot was mostly restricted around the area where CJ's house is: East Lost Santos. But in this situation, the riot was everywhere in the game. I set a goal for myself: I would get cause enough mayhem to get a 4 star wanted level, and then I would try to go to the airport*, steal a plane and go to another city. It was real challenging. I found myself using the health cheat frequently, although I would eventually die. When I respawned after dying, I used the Body armor and weapons cheat, and got a 4 star wanted level. When I did make it to the airport, I had to search around for an airplane while evading the police who was hot on my tail. When I got into an airplane, the police are still shooting at me, sometimes making the plane catch on fire before I could even get off the ground, forcing me to get out and search for a new one. When I did get it off the ground, I would try to fly it to San Fierro. I usually don't get very far because a Hyrda would come soon and shoot me down. I try to evade it's missiles but to no avail. I remember once when I got into a passenger jet and the Hyrda fired a missile at me almost immediately after I got into the plane! I hadn't even left the ground! I attempted this a few times before giving up. (Normally, you can't get into an airport until later in the game, where you get a pilot license, but there's a trick I used. You can climb over the wall near the entrance of the airport if you get on top of a car)

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    Mar 2nd, 2010 at 02:38:06     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Amazing what you can do with this game. I wish the world space in future GTA games would be as big as the world space in this one. It takes almost an

    But anyway, the second time I played this game, I used the riot cheat and watched people kill each other. The calm (Well, as calm as a city with rampant crime could be) atmosphere was broken as soon as I used that cheat. Every people walking on the side walk started to fist fight, using guns if they had them on person. People driving in cars either get out and join the brawl or just frantically drive off.

    I thought the gunfights were more interesting. Whenever someone pulls out a gun at a fist fight, the other person would try to run away. Often I would see the police in a gunfight with people, sometimes they would get overwhelmed. I saw helicopters constantly.

    I would sometimes see people carrying TVs. When I attacked them, the TVs disappeared.

    Often, some cars would spontaneously explode. This actually killed me one. I drove by it without me knowing it was on fire, when it blew up, I tried to get out of my car because it caught on fire but to no avail, because it blew up almost immediately after.

    Of course, people attacked me, I never fought back because I didn't want a wanted star level. I find it kind of funny that I can get a wanted star level for killing someone in self defense. The fact that I constantly heard people shouting in the background only added to the chaotic atmosphere.

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