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    Mar 2nd, 2010 at 09:34:48     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    The Pier 69 level starts with me talking to a stereotypical Hispanic gangster who ends almost every sentence with "homes" or "holmes"...I'm not even sure how to spell that actually. Anyway, my mission was to clear the rooftop of Pier 69 with a sniper rifle. As I picked off the criminals on the roof my partner would shout encouraging yet racially stereotypical slogans at me to further my killing spree.
    After that mission was complete, my character exclaims, "Man ma bustin' was tight!" and then I go to meet some more people down on the street while they walk down the sidewalk carrying rifles.

    This to me is one of many examples of how ridiculous these games are, and therefore, how harmless I think they are. The complaint is that people confuse the game world with the real world and take their game violence into reality. But how can anyone mistake this game for anything close to being real? I just sniped half a dozen guys on a rooftop and now I'm chatting on the street with another half dozen guys dressed in ski-masks and holding rifles as cars drive by and no one cares. Unless I'm a seriously sheltered suburban kid, I don't think that sort of stuff happens quite like that. At the very least, there's a lot more police involvement in these sorts of crimes.

    After that I have to work my way throught the pier, killing more gang members while my character shouts stuff like, "Welcome to America!" which is hilarious. This game, much like the other GTA games, reminds me of cheesy 80's action movies that didn't take themselves too seriously and weren't particularly PC.

    After killing T-Bone and Ryder, the mission is over and I get more cash and respect. I then stole a car and went for a joyride, smashing into other cars and running over pedestrians. When the cops started showing up I used my machine gun and sniper rifle from the last mission to pick off cops and any other civillians that walked my way until I ran out of bullets and got killed.

    I had to stop playing the game then because it's time to go to school.

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