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    Mar 2nd, 2010 at 02:49:24     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    I think GTA San Andreas is one of the best games I have ever played because it gives you two roles of whether to be the good guy or the bad guy. What also makes it interesting is that you have to make important decisions whether to use and abuse your power. For instance you are presented with the chance to kill innocent bystanders, especially when a cop is looking, and you can be rewarded more points rather than just the bare minimum.

    San Andreas also has many other interesting aspects integrated into the game. For instance you can use jet packs, planes, and many other fun objects like that. I feel that this is cool because the game has some very real things to it, such as decisions you can make, but at the same time it also can be a game by combining some aspects that are not determined as being real.

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