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    May 16th, 2010 at 19:16:43     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    I finally past the cafeteria and started figuring out how to blow it up. This game to me was completely a waste of my time and energy. I don't even think that the topic of the game was an appropriate thing to make a game about. The interaction with innocent people and hurting them was not morally acceptable in my opinion as this event was something that truly affected the lives of hundreds of parents in the Columbine High School. I also did not appreciate the fact of having to see a CD with a naked women on it clearly to me was by far extremely inappropriate. If the person would have done something right they would not have reenacted such a tragic event. It would be like creating a game called September 11 with the thousands that have died in the tragedy. Games like this do not belong being created due to there suggestive nature of content.

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    May 15th, 2010 at 19:59:36     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    I decided to replay the game and still could not plant the bombs in the cafeteria. I want to get into the game more and see more about its portrayal of events and how the game maker is trying to share his meaning with the audience. The text is still nearly impossible to read that I misinterpret its meetings.
    This game clearly is beginning to get boring and the ethical dilemmas in this game appears not to be very prevalent. I expected that this game would automatically have some sense of action such as shooting people but then again I may not be that far enough to where this actually happens. I also find the music to be extremely obnoxious in the game as it continuously loops and completely does not fit the games title one bit and the music is to upbeat for me.

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    May 14th, 2010 at 20:30:46     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    This game was rather an interesting approach. I played the game for quite a while but found myself stuck in the cafeteria not knowing what I was supposed to be doing so my experience with it so far is it seems very difficult to accomplish anything in the beginning.I really find the 8-bit use of graphics a tad bit difficult to deal with in the game and makes everything look so blocky including the text. In addition to the text being hard to read which was what the game I thought should be more clear as it seems so important to the meaning behind the game I did not mind the 8 bit approach to the other graphical elements but this day and age there honestly is not an excuse for a so far to me poorly designed game. The controls are easy to use but its not very good on explaining where to go and I personally wish that there was a map. I feel that this game definitely has some potential if the designers could help with the explanation with what is going on. I like the fact that there are no penalities when you get caught by a hall monitor. I feel as if so far that just being kicked out of the building and being able to redo the mission is very fair instead of having to redo the entire game.

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    Apr 19th, 2010 at 10:35:02     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Played this game this morning and started to get the hang of the confusing controls. I managed to start on a few missions but consistently failed on all of them. There is a mixture of good and wrong going on in this game clearly. Its so easy to kill people when you end up stealing the vehicle leaving people ultimately defenseless. You do not get money apparently if you kill the people this way. And when you are driving the police tend to always be after you making this game difficult to complete any mission. I also saw an inappropriate weapon in the shower. This game brought a lot of controversy and I am not likely to play it again.
    I purely hated this games take on life cause not all life is gangs and killing cops in reality. This game deserved its flat out apparent high rating and this game clearly shows way to much violence. There was so many houses and people that appeared to live in poverty. I hated the fact that you had to do so much evil and there was no story to this game apparent yet. I noticed the stereotyping of gangs that American's portray which clearly to me is racial discrimination. Most of the people all had knifes and were hookers and a lot had guns. It was never safe to actually do anything in this game which is prevalent to a lot a city living.

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