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    Apr 18th, 2010 at 22:25:00     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    In the mission "High Noon", CJ gets the opportunity to kill one of the game's antagonist, Officer Eddie Pulaski. This mission uses the same GTA formula that I had became accumstumed too: chase down the target and kill them. Before Officer Pulaski got into his car, I shot out his tires with my sniper rifle because I remembered how hard it was to keep up with him in the car chase my first time playing this game. By doing this, I was able to flip over his car and take him out on my first try.
    A handful of missions later, I found myself on the last mission. Titled "End of the Line", this mission gave the player a chance to give the other two antagonist in this game: Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson). The first part of this mission took place in Big Smoke's crackhouse, so I knew I had to come equip with a lot of weapons. In these type of missions, I always go with my weapon of choice: the AK-47. After going through three floors of Big Smoke's crakhouse and killing multiple enemies, I was in route to kill Big Smoke. In this part of the mission, I was in a shootout with him but it was pretty easy to take him down.
    The next target was Officer Tenpenny. After you kill Big Smoke, Tenpenny shows up and sets the crackhouse on fire. This part was pretty hard because there was fire everyone and if you get in any contact with fire your HP drains pretty fast. After I escape from the burning crackhouse, I had to chase Officer Tenpenny while he is driving a firetruck. Since I had previously beaten this game, I was aware that I had to dodge his attacks and I was able to somewhat remember the route he takes. I was able to complete this mission with ease and it felt great to beat this game on my second go on it.
    I really enjoyed re-playing this game and I loved how it reminded me how much I love the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Out of the three instalments released on the Playstaion 2, San Andreas was my favorite because of the storyline, the more extra abilities you were able to do with your character, and for the reason that his game gave me the freedom to do things I wouldnt be allowed to do in real life without getting in trouble.

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    Apr 17th, 2010 at 22:11:11     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    After playing through the main storyline, I started to find that the main missions were really repetitive. The thing that I enjoy about the Grand Theft Auto series is that aside from the main storyline, the game developers offer the player to do side quests and missions. These include collecting hidden packages and completing various stunt jumps.
    The other side mission I really enjoyed were the Turf Wars. Your charter (CJ) is part of a gang called the Grove Street Family and in the Turf Wars you have to go into your rival gang's territory (The Ballas) and kill as many as you can until the claim the territory. I found this extremely difficult at times because he seemed like the enemies were coming non-stop.
    Another new feature to San Andreas that was not in previous GTA games was the ability to alter CJ's appearence. You can change cloths, add muscle, or even get a new haircut. While I played around with this, I made my charcter extremely fat (by eating at the Burger Shot) with an afro. Since I made my character really fat, this made him run much slower and this was extremely difficult to get away from enemies while they were shooting at me.

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    Apr 16th, 2010 at 15:17:31     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    The Grand Theft Auto series has always been a personal favorite of mine. I started playing GTA back on the original Playstation when it had an over-head view. Once the franchise jumped on the Playstation 2, it was a completely different series. The developers ditched the over-head view and switch to a third-person view and the freedom they provided you with was endless.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the third installment on the next-gen of game consols. I have previously played and beaten San Andreas before, so I was excited to play it a second time and hoped you catch stuff that I missed the first time I played it.

    Once I started the game, I was reintroduced to the characters I falled in love with before. I really enjoyed the setting of this game because San Andreas was by far the biggest city in the GTA universe. While playing, I usually ended up stranded without a car in the woods in the island of Las Venturas (which is based on Las Vegas) and I had to either walk all the way back to my checkpoint, or hope to find a car on the way to steal.

    One of the newest editions of the installment was the ability to swim. In previous GTA games, falling into water would result into your charcter dying. In San Andreas, the game developers allowed you to swim and this becomes very helpful when the cops are chasing after you.

    I look forward to continue re-playing this game for the next couple of days. In all goes well, San Andreas will remind me why I love the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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