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    Oct 26th, 2010 at 21:09:41     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Upon my third completion of the series. I had really thought that this game was a bit disturbing. The true motivation of hatred that Eric and Dylan had was truly sickening. Who in their right mind would go to this extreme of wanting to kill off other human beings because of the extremes of the bullying that they had suffered. People need more to have in order to commit murder.
    By having others make fun of them, I can seriously relate to. From being manipulated and bullied from a young age in school, this had caused for a large anger to build within myself. There were days where I had wanted to beat someone’s face in with a baseball bat. However those days have passed and I have gotten over them.
    Days of the tortured of others that have occurred from them being bullied, has been a result for the zero tolerance policy. Many scholars believe that this new policy is what has really been actually a worse to the policy. It is not teaching the correct means of discipline, if there are no means to teach those that are bullied that there are other means to vent out your frustration.
    There are also many reports of those that keep building up the anger, and eventually snap later on in life. There is a large amount of stress builders that are part of the formula that will lead to the eventual outrage of the individual. Some others go the safe route and take it out on inanimate items. Such as myself I would play my drum set for hours on end until my hands would bleed. This was a great stress relief then I would be able to go back to school without having to have any angry feelings towards others.

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    Oct 23rd, 2010 at 12:54:09     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    I have finally found a way to get to the cafeteria, the frustration has subsided today. Now I just need to get to the lunchroom and back without getting caught. Now this may logically be easy, but it isn’t. I had originally thought that once I had placed the bombs into the school that I would just meet up with Dylan and then we would start on killing people. I did not understand why I would have to go to the car to set a bomb there as well. Yes it would be fundamental to set the bomb on the car so that after the event would occur that there would be no remains for them to find.
    After proceeding to meet up with Dylan, we talk about how large of an event that this is. He had even mentioned that he had cleaned up his hard drive the night before. This was probably done so that if there was previous evidence there, that the authorities would not find anything there. For someone that was suffering from depression (from what I have read online), that would be of the careful type to take the correct steps before committing to something.
    Then the killing starts, and just go up to every individual and start to kill them. I found it interesting that when confronting the people that I would eventual kill, that there was a description of the person. This led to believe that there were different stereotypes that were roaming the hallways, from your jocks to religious ones. When attacking those that were religious they were difficult to kill. What I meant that you could shoot them, then they could pray and heal themselves. Then when encountering the bullies in the boys bathroom, the bullies could take a tremendous amounts of ammo to them. It was as if you were trying to take them down with a fish, no matter how much you fired it was as if they were absorbing the pain. Soon enough you would be able to get to the one that was being bullied, and offer protection based on a daily fee and let them free.
    There was disturbing setting in the game, for when you go into the girls bathroom, occasionally they would just be gossiping in the bathroom and then just eliminate them. However there is one scene where you can kill a girl that is sitting on the toilet seat, after killing her Dylan mentions ‘I think she was having her period’, as Eric responds ‘Well now she won’t have to suffer’.
    You know that usually if someone gets shot with a gun, then that individual should stay down. There are times where either Dylan or Eric would fire at an individual and they would not go down. When someone gets shot they should be dead, as well as when a pipe bomb is thrown, it should take out the whole group and not just one person. That is not realistic, if that is what the game maker was trying to go for.
    If you don’t surrender when at first in the library, you just keep going. At least this is what I think at the moment. Just going up to each individual person that I run into, almost the entire building is dead and I am still going. At this point I would rather just have the game end instead of keeping to go around and find more bodies that I can kill off. Killing the groups became the hardest thing to do. They way that they would gather together would make it more than difficult without taking too much damage.

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    Oct 22nd, 2010 at 18:14:14     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    When first starting out with the initial download of the game ‘Super Columbine Massacre RPG!’ it felt like they (Eric Harris and Dylan Klyebod) had planned the event thru the game in the first place. Think of this as the stepping stone to their big event.
    As the game first starts out, playing it on a monitor that is designed for high graphics has to compensate to bring the game to its resolution. It is troubling at first to figure out what the characters are trying to say to each other, dialogue, since all of the letters are all scrunched together. So as we start off the game as seeing Eric get out of bed. The true nature of the context of the character based on the game is that Eric is of a metal persona. With the dark clothes, looks like a trench coat, plain white t-shirt, and backwards cap, I have a strong feeling that he was much into metal if not punk music. Although this event had occurred before the film ‘The Matrix’, without the hat that Eric is wearing, that he looks very much similar to Neo.
    ‘What is fun without a little death?’ is what Dylan says as him and Eric are talking on the phone. By the context of their words, there is much hatred. Eric even asks the question, ‘What do you think that they will do after this?’, Dylan responds in a chuckle, ‘They will create more guns’. This is quite disturbing to think of these scenarios, however I myself have thought of this at times. But it was more of what was said in my head versus actually proceeding with the actual plan. For myself there are morals that would be circling in my head that would be the main stopping of my actions and judgments.
    Du hast is playing in the car as they are driving to school, I almost felt like getting out of my chair to dance to it. They had done a very good job with creating an 8 bit version of the song. This sound is of a pure motivation that one would have when attempting to do anything from dancing to starting a project as Eric and Dylan are. I had found it quite strange that they had a good idea of how to take down the building with two propane gas tanks as well as two duffle bags of weapons.
    From the conversations that they are having with each other, it now seems that Eric was the master planner at the entire operation. Also apparently Red is Eric’s nickname, and Vodka is Dylan’s as well. As they are planning to take the bombs to the cafeteria, there is a very well-known song that is playing in the background, however I am unable to decipher of whom it is done by. But the song reeks of destruction and chaos.
    Ohh my freaking gore, WHERE IS THE CAFETERIA? I can’t seem to find it, I keep on getting busted. This is really starting to frustrate me. I have decided for now to use an online guide, this should help me in figuring out what I need to accomplish. This is so challenging, can’t walk near the cameras, and the hall monitors will chase you down if you run into them. Gahh. There are so many of them in the hallways, I am having a large anger build, but this is in a more of a gosh darn anger. Alright so I finally got to the cafeteria, that only took me about 20 lives or so.

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    Sep 22nd, 2010 at 10:22:26     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (XBX)

    I have played the Grand Theft Auto series since the first on that I had played on the original Play Station One. I have always had an interest in playing the game, and mostly enjoyed just driving around and causing mayhem. This time around I will be encountering the 4th edition of the game, San Andreas. However I will be playing this on the PC versus the controller of a console.
    One of the first things I had considered was that installing the game was much of the classic themes of the previous games. The first thing that I have noticed was on the installation sequences showed of a Latino person with a bandana across his face, while also holding an AK-47. As well as himself there are also other people appearing during the install including an African-American and an attractive female both with tattoos. The consistency that Rockstar has been able to contribute to the entire series, is almost of a graphical comic book appeal when looking at the story boards. The wanting to convey of a strong appearance really sets the mood of the gamer getting a feel of how the game will proceed. Especially when showing the cop in the beginnings, as a very strong athletic figure that will be able to beat you to a pulp.
    So the beginning of the game starts as I get picked up from the airport from a cab to go and bury my mother. When all of a sudden I am picked up by the 5-0, and they start accusing me of a cop murder that just took place. They let me off with a warning and then suddenly throw me into the neighborhoods that I used to represent. Trying to figure out how to maneuver around on a keyboard and mouse can be a tricky situation when you are used to controlling everything with a console controller. The first thing I was able to do once I was able to roam around was getting an understanding of how to operate a bike. You would think that it wouldn’t be that hard to do, but it is when I was thinking that I had to control it with the mouse instead of the keyboard.

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