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    Oct 26th, 2010 at 20:53:50     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    All my progress from the last time was erased somehow... I think my computer is messed up or I am just not saving it right. So I had to redo everything, which I did relatively quickly because I have done it a million times. After getting to the school, planting the bombs, and going to pick up the weapons in the car, I went to the mountain. There, me and the other character had a conversation about how much they hate people who are rich and have money and are spoiled. I wonder if these boys weren't very privileged and they maybe have some sort of jealousy towards those who are. Then we unpacked all the weapons... I cannot imagine how these boys acquired all these! It was ridiculous. How did they carry them all around? Then we went back and stood in front of the school and waited for the bombs to go off. They didn't work, the other character said that he must have set them for PM not AM. So then we had to run around the parking lot and kill people... this was incredibly disturbing. The people we had to kill all had strange nicknames... "Goody Goody Girl" "Nerd Girl" "Preppy Girl" "Jock Type"... I wonder if these are all the stereotypes that the boys really hated. They also warned one boy to go home, did they say that to all the people who were "like them"? Once I did this, we went to go inside and the other character told me "remember, if it's moving kill it, if it's not burn it." I knew I wasn't going to be able to play much longer, because this game is so messed up. I went inside and went into a classroom and it was just chaos, all the characters were running around and I killed one and couldn't do it anymore. I didn't even save my progress, I just exited it. I don't understand this game at all, it so ethically wrong. It's ridiculous. I am glad we get to watch the documentary in class tomorrow because I really cannot understand why anyone would ever even want to create this game. The game maker must really have a good motive...

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    Oct 24th, 2010 at 23:09:30     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    This game is so annoying! I think it's because I am awful at video games, but it took me like a half hour to get in the cafeteria and plant the first bomb and I couldn't figure out how to do the second one for even longer than that, but finally got it. Thank goodness. I thought it was interesting how if one of the girls catches you in the hallway, they automatically make fun of you. It's interesting to see what I assume is life through the killers eyes, or how they perceived the world. It is kind of sad when you think about it... that these boys were so angry and violent and saw so much hatred around them. Anyway, after I successfully planted the bombs inside I went out and saved my progress. Seriously, this took me over a half hour to do. I don't have the patience for games, and I get fed up pretty quickly. After I got the guns from the car, I made the mistake of going back inside the school. I was really upset because I thought I would have to redo EVERYTHING again, but then I remembered I saved my progress. I then walked around everywhere and could not figure out what to do next... I decided once again to save my progress and continue tomorrow. I think maybe I need to read a walk through or something. It's kind of embarrassing being so bad at what I assume is a really simple game... I am glad again though that I did not get to the killing part. I have a feeling once I get there, I won't be able to play long. It's too sensitive of a subject, and while the game maker is probably trying to make some sort of point and give off a message, I don't think portraying a real life event such as this one is appropriate.

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    Oct 22nd, 2010 at 13:45:56     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    I was a little hesitant to download this game... I felt like I was maybe doing something wrong. The graphics looked a little bit messed up on my computer, so I couldn't really understand all the text that was being shown. I spend some time going through everything in the basement of the character, I forget which one you play as. I picked up a Marilyn Manson CD, and I thought it was interesting that the game maker decided that a CD was influential on these kids lives. I always disagree when people make claims like that... I guarantee that this one CD didn't cause these kids to murder a bunch of people... but anyway. I then clicked on the pizza box and it took me to this place that looked like a school. Again, the wording was a little hard to read, but the boys were talking about blowing up the building they were at. I think the purpose of this was so the player could see these boys were "messed up" for awhile and were delinquents. I also found this odd. Then I went back, picked up my duffel bags and propane bombs and left. The boys were in their car, and then there were lyrics on the screen that I could barely read. Then they got to the parking lot. I picked up the bombs out of the trunk and walked into the school... I got caught somehow and then was stuck outside the school and couldn't get in the parking lot or back in the school and I was incredibly confused. I'm sure someone who is good at video games could figure this out, but I got frustrated and decided I would try again tomorrow. I am kind of glad the game stopped for me there today, I am not very excited to go in the school and bomb it and kill people... I don't think this game should have been made, it's highly inappropriate. But I have a feeling it's trying to convey a certain message so I guess I'll give it a chance.

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    Sep 22nd, 2010 at 21:47:25     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    This is my last game log for San Andreas. I'm glad I chose to wait because I thought it would be very interesting to play after discussing in class.

    One thing talked about was how the game was supposed to be funny. The whole time I played this game I thought about how I didn't think the game was funny. I think there are different ways to make fun of American culture instead of making people play games about violence, sex, and drugs.

    I really don't want to participate in the game missions because I am really offended by what you have to do. So I explored the areas on my bike for awhile. I tried jumping on buildings which was really fun. I enjoyed doing this for awhile. I liked doing this because I was actually good at different stunt tricks and didn't die a million times.

    This time I was really focused on a lot of the awful language and hostility that was going around in the game. It made me upset and angry, and after awhile I decided to stop playing.

    I understand why this game was picked for the class. I just have decided it's ridiculous and I am glad I never have to play it again.

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