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    Sep 21st, 2010 at 17:46:31     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    GTA San Andreas Day 2
    I decided to play through some missions on my second trip to Los Santos. My first mission was called “Tagging up Turf”. I was assigned the task of tagging walls on Ballas territory to let them know I was back on Grove Street. The last wall I had to tag on was being guarded by a pair of Ballas. I had to eliminate them and tag the wall or I would fail. I poisoned the Ballas with the spray paint. The second mission was called “Cleaning Up the Street”. I had to eliminate a drug house that contained Ballas and other low lives.
    Is the Grove street gang moral when they deice to clean up the street? The Grove street boys are trying to claim territory and clean up the streets of drugs and bad guys. As CJ I successfully tagged on walls and killed a pair of Ballas. Then I eliminated a house that was full of Ballas, drug dealers, and some prostitutes. CJ and his gang are happy and the community might also be happy with less drugs and gang members on the streets. On the other hand, the Ballas are upset and are not happy. The Grove street gang is expanding. They are killing their members and disrupting business. The happiness of Grove street is higher and therefore moral. The Grove street gang is not only acting on their behalf. Before CJ receives his mission briefing on “Cleaning up the Street” he hears some members talking about how drugs are ruining the neighborhood. The gang may have greater happiness because the community is happier without drug dealers running rampant and dealing to people.

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    Sep 19th, 2010 at 22:02:02     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    GTA San Andreas Day 1
    I originally played GTA San Andreas when it was first released. I enjoyed it but I did not think it was a magnificent game. The story revolves around CJ as he comes home from the East Coast.
    CJ arrives in Los Santos and he immediately is in trouble. Cops pull him over and accuse him of being a cop killer. They drop him off in a gang territory and he scrambles home. When he does arrive home, he begins to reminisce but is nearly attacked by Big Smoke. Later he visits his mom at the cemetery and he encounters old friends and family. There is some hostility because CJ has been away for five years. Things get even worse when Ballas spot the Grove street gang and begin to shoot. CJ and his crew race home to safety.
    CJ is portrayed as a product of his environment. Things do not go well for him when he arrives. He lets on that the lifestyle is the reason he left. CJ can not escape his past. Corrupt cops threaten to frame him, rival gangs want him dead, and his old crew questions his loyalty and manhood.
    The racist banter in the game surprises me. I never really noticed it when I first played the game. Cops commit some racial profiling, they insult a Mexican cab driver, and the word “nigga” is used frequently by the crew. Resident Evil was accused of being racist because it was set in Africa. GTA San Andreas must have been given a hard time too I assume.

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