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    Sep 24th, 2010 at 10:36:46     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS3)

    (Day 2) What I really like about this game is the Realism. The game might not be morally accepted or liked but the way the game is so real really helps the player want to keep playing. Sometimes it is an extreme but it helps put the excitement in the game. The game is inspired by real life like the opening of the game is like being introduced what should be Compton. Which is considered a really rough harsh area where allot of gang related activities are portrayed. The game is very believable (pause-able) in many aspects in how real life situations have taken place. Certain missions and scenes of the game are real life situations but with different names and timing such as the rioting. The realism in the game such as cars to the music mode to the hookers on the streets help fall into this category of realism. The game is made in a way where it shows you a real city with a different name and portrays real life events that happen in todays society like mob activities, shootings, corrupt cops, females on the street, drug association, loyalty, and the most important MONEY. Also the act of realism is like how a human being takes time to build there body and get stronger. Well so does CJ in the beginning from where he starts off as nothing and skinny and not strong and completes basic missions to gain access to the gym where he can lift and build a stronger body to fulfill harder missions.

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    Sep 24th, 2010 at 10:26:01     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS3)

    (Day 1) As I was playing the game I noticed many stereotypes that were being showed throughout playing such as gangbangers, cops, racial stereotypes in the way certain characters were dressed and acted, also gender, and racism too. The game is fun though being able to do drive by shootings and enjoy driving openly knowing if I get shot Ill still live. The game stereotypes help make the game out in certain ways such as comparing it to “thug life”. Examples of this is being introduced to the game in certain missions and ways to earn respect are to pimp girls, steal cars, etc. The game really puts females on blast in terms of how disrespected they are as well as cops. The stereotypes of crooked cops really comes into play in the game because of missions that involved a helping hand from the police.

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