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    Oct 27th, 2010 at 13:08:54     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today was the last day of my game log and not much happened. It was the same run around the school shooting everyone in sight and leveling up. I tried to see if there was anything else I could do by looking through the pause menus. I could only equip and use items. Back in the game I went into the gym and cleared it. Then upon exiting I was introduced to a cut scene where it shows Eric being bullied by a bunch of jocks in the locker room. I felt sorry for him almost but then I remembered he was killing everyone in the present, not just jocks. In an encounter in the second floor boyís bathroom there are a bunch of preps and jocks bullying a kid. Eric and Dylan kill everyone but the kid and let him live. In any other situation they probably would have killed the kid anyways. Eric and Dylan have a seemingly random person they decide to leave alive. Like the girl in the gym. They could have killed her but they wanted her to send a message that it wasnít some act of divinity that kept her alive it was them that chose not to kill her. Overall I think this game tried to show the reasons behind Eric and Dylanís rampage and present the massacre as a sort of grim comedy.

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    Oct 25th, 2010 at 22:55:56     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today is day two of my adventures in Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Today I went around the school doing what Eric and Dylan apparently do best, killing people. The more I played the less I started realize that this tragedy actually happened. When I reached the cafeteria and detonated the propane bombs a picture popped up. It was a picture of one of the bombs going off in the real Columbine massacre. It then hit me that this actually happened and a lot of people were shot and killed. The people in the game didnít have names or any identifying features besides a classification like jock or prep. They donít mean anything and lend themselves only to gameplay so I happily killed them and leveled up by doing so. Another thing I noticed was the narrative the game was trying to tell. The poem that appeared after clearing the cafeteria seemed to mirror the personalities of Dylan and Eric even though they have nothing to do with it. I also noticed that it is not really stated anywhere in the game that the people that I was shooting at died. All the game says is that they collapsed. The only evidence of their defeat was a bloody body sprite where the battle occurred. Iím not sure if that was a design choice of something that was overlooked. That was pretty much all I got out of todayís session. The cafeteria part was long with a lot of encounters.

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    Oct 24th, 2010 at 15:56:20     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today was my first 30 minute long session with Super Columbine Massacre RPG. The game follows the character Eric from the shootings in 1999. Right from the start of the game there seemed to be a feel of urgency. The game starts the morning of the shootings and Eric must get everything together including packing the bombs and recording a video for police to find after theyíve bombed the school and killed everyone. In Ericís room I picked up a Doom video game and a Marilyn Manson CD. After that I entered the basement, loaded up some duffle bags with the explosives they were going to use in the cafeteria and watched a cut scene that delves into Eric and Dylanís past mischief with explosives. I couldnít help but think that these guys must have been really messed up somehow. I then watched the two record their last video. It was filled with hatred but at the same time they said not to punish those who didnít do anything wrong, kinda ironic. After that the Eric and Dylan drive to the school where some engaging lyrics from a song appear on the screen. They were very fitting for what was about to occur. Next on the agenda was to plant the bombs in the cafeteria. It was very difficult because I had to dodge people and security cameras in order to get there. It took me a couple of tries but it gave me a sense of how hard it must have been to pull off in real life. After gearing up and waiting for the bombs to explode the real game started I guess. At this point I could approach anyone in the parking lot and kill them. The combat played out like a familiar RPG but in a much more sinister fashion. I could throw a bomb, use a knife, or shoot them. When I got inside the building I was even given the option to taunt. I decided that I would just play the game as it was meant to be played with little regard for the consequences in order to get the full effect. I ended the session after clearing 2 classrooms of people and leveling up several times.

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    Oct 2nd, 2010 at 14:53:14     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    Today is day 2 of my 30-minute long sessions with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I decided that I would do things a little differently by doing some free roaming instead of missions. During my free roam I learned that the only way to get around is by car or bike. Both of which you have to steal from someone else if you lose yours. I also learned that the police are really passive sometimes. I would sometimes ram my car into a cop car just to see what their reaction would be. They usually just took the damage while I drove off. In another instance I tried to steal a cop car by beating up the cops and taking their weapons. After stealing the cop car I attracted the attention of many other cops where they then shot and killed me. I was then revived at the hospital with no consequences to speak of from my previous actions. So I decided that maybe I would try just running around on foot to not gain any attention from the law. But instead I got attention from rival gang members and they shot at me while I was unarmed. In my walk back to the house I also encountered prostitutes who tried to entice me into paying for their services. I could have beaten them up to gain a small amount of cash but I refrained from doing so. I also spent some time exploring the local gym where I worked CJ out and the local fast food place. And finally I concluded with a save at the house.

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