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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 15:08:25     -    Kirby's Adventure (NES)

    Now that I have talked about the game play I saw something interesting in Kirby’s Adventure and that was the minigames. In Kirby’s adventure there are four different mini games quick-draw, crane, egg catcher and arena. Each mini game is different from the other and I saw no overlaps in them. The mini games are very simple to play but are hard to master. The biggest difference when I was playing Kirby compared to a NES Maio game was that it has consistent strategy and puzzle throughout the game play.

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    Jan 29th, 2007 at 18:49:44     -    Kirby's Adventure (NES)

    I am not going to lie to you this was my first time actually seriously playing any game in the kirby series. This is why I choose to write my gamelog on this game. Why was this game so good compared to Mario and Zelda which were some of my favorite titles. Starting up the game the story was pretty simple Kirby has to travel around in search of 7 pieces to the star rod which allows people of dream land to have there dreams. Playing the game you could tell this was a straight up 2D sidescroller. In the game kirby has six hit points before he looses a life. In this game you can assimulate your ennemies attacks by swallowing them up. This is truely a family game and by that I mean anyone can join in and love this game. It is so simple to understand and play its almost genious. Kirby has alot of the features a good game should have. It has both simple game play and a indept story that keeps the game running. In some ways I feel as though this game has been kinda a bite off of mario wit a twist.

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    Jan 18th, 2007 at 21:57:10     -    mario 64 (N64)

    Now that I talked about what i thought about the game I want to talk more about the design of the game and how I thought Shigeru Miyamoto approached in making this game. What i found interesting about this game was the fact that Miyamoto had being planning this game for 5 years a genious way before its time. He wanted to use the super fx chip in super nintendo to render 3d polygons ultimately creating a 3d mario game this all happened while he was workin on the snes star fox. Finally he decided to release it onto the N64 due to the limitation on the SNES. Everything in this game from the camera angles to the detail in graphics. This mario game brought both gameplay and ingenuity into one playing field.

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    Jan 17th, 2007 at 18:34:17     -    mario 64 (N64)

    This game basically made me want to buy the N64. This was the first 3d game in the mario series and it was awesome. Today I playing it on my nintendo wii made me realize just how good of a mario game this actually was. The first thing that caught my eye was how well nintendo made the transition from the 2d to 3d space. Instead of making mario 64 a side scroll 3d game they took an interesting approach by making it more of an exploration game with different missions in every level you jump into. The game still had the same simple mario story too it, which was save princess peach from bowser. In order to do that in this game mario has to go around collecting stars from various pictures in the castle. The game was designed exactly how most of Shigeru Miyamoto games have been designed in the past. Very well designed with no detail left out. In the game there are a couple of glitches that allow someone to beat the game in under 30 minutes around. Right now thats what I'm tryin to get at. Overall the plot and gameplay are very well designed and what i think as one of the best mario games of all times if not the best mario game I have ever played and I have played and beaten every mario game.

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