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    Nov 2nd, 2010 at 22:25:37     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    Having to look at this game ethically makes you see it a whole new look. To someone just playing regualarly, you might not pay attention to how much violence is really involved in this game or it may not bother you. We, in society, are so desensitized to violence because if you turn on the news, it's happening everyday, everywhere. In the game, the police just shot right at you with no hesitation. It makes you think, is this how it really was in LA? since this game is based off of real life Los Angeles.
    I never actually played the game myself completely because I would end up dying or just get annoyed with being shot at and quit. Playing San Andreas for this class actually made it catch me interest. Seeing all the stereotypes that were able to be put into this game was crazy, like people actually went through some of these things for real during this time and still today.Some may think that the game is reinforcing stereotypes but I think the game is just showing that they are real and this is how people view each other.
    Though the game is violent and features things not suitable for children of a certain age, so is everyday life. I completely understand why children shouldnt play because they are the one actually doing the jobs, shooting people and etc. But who hasn't pretended to play cops and robbers, shoot imaginary guns and play fight, when they were younger?

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    Oct 30th, 2010 at 13:52:24     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    The game begins with CJ returning to San Andreas after his mother is killed.The corruption of the LAPD is noticed right when CJ returns and the officers frame him for murdering another officer. They leave him in area of a rival gang. It's crazy because things like this happen in real life. CJ gets away on a bike and returns to his side of town. He sees that his old gang, Grove Street Gang, and his brother fell off. CJ wants to win back the gang's respect so he agrees to a number of "jobs." I guess it's a value of "family" seen because CJ is willing to risk everything just to prove his loyalty.

    The period of time that this game is set in is during the race riots. You hear racial slurs and everyone keeps to their own "groups." Even though things that happen in the game actually did happen in real life, I can see why this game is not for children. You are able to kill with no consequence at times, women are protrayed as just sex objects, and drug use is seen heavily in the game.
    Morality is not an option in this game. You have to complete the tasks, steal cars,and kill in order to be successful.

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