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    Oct 31st, 2010 at 23:59:49     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Today I took C.J. over to the ďother side of townĒ. It was quickly apparent that I was not welcome as the other gang started chasing me in a car. Unfortunately, I made matters worse by running over one of their gang members. The gang I was in conflict with was the Mexican gang. The gang was covered in stereotypes starting with how they dressed. Many of the gang members were wearing dego t-shirts and had gold chains. Also, many of the phrases that they would say were not indicative of the culture but more of a stereotype. Though I do realize that these stereotypes can be very harmful to all minorities, there might be a reason for the gameís use of them. In the game the stereotypes help me to quickly understand who are my friends and enemies since many of them look alike or say something in similar manners. One could question the ethical framework to how the player is integrated into the game. Maybe GTA could allow for better integration in a different way. It is funny in some cases to hear the different stereotypes but that doesnít mean that someone else is offended. One could also question whether game makers should have limits on how much they can stereotype a someone in a game. But it is hard to limit that because everyone has different ethical frameworks.

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    Oct 29th, 2010 at 13:19:09     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Today, I decided to just drive around the city instead of completing the missions. I quickly observed that the only person I had to look out for was myself. It was very freeing to think that all other consequences to my actions didnít matter as long as it didnít affect me. The game followed the theory of ethical egoism. It was kind of scary to think that in a society like ours, which already follows the theory of ethical egoism in some cases, could take that theory to the extreme in which this game does. For example, I was driving along and hit a lady, yet nothing happened because there were no cops around and my notoriety level had been at zero. Maybe itís simple why our society becomes more and more selfish every generation. Our media has become a fundamental part of our lives, exposing ideas to kids younger than ever before. Ethical egoism is thrown down childrenís throats in video games, movies, and television shows. They are exposed to this idea more than they are exposed to math problems. If parents donít set examples of traits other than ethical egoism, the kids probably assume more and more that ethical egoism is fine. It was fun though because Iím not an ethical egoist and sometimes you want to be selfish. Actually, a lot of times you want to be selfish, and in a game like this, I can throw away all my different values that I hold. Itís interesting to imagine yourself as a different person and this game lets you do that.

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