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    Jan 10th, 2007 at 15:16:04     -    TrackMania Nations (PC)

    After playing this game for an hour or so, I feel like I've gained a great deal of competence, at least in maneuvering the vehicle, however the online tracks are still very tough and as I learn them (It seems each server has 24 different home made tracks), I can maneuver them more fluidly.

    I tried out the level creator today, and I got addicted, I ended up spending two or three hours building and testing my own track. The level maker is easy to use, took me about an hour to become decent at it, but it seems to be difficult to master.

    So far I am greatly enjoying the game and am extremely tempted to play it in class right now.

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    Jan 8th, 2007 at 15:45:56     -    TrackMania Nations (PC)

    I started playing TM Nations because I caught my friend playing it and was amazed by the visual style of the game, and the flow of the tracks. Normally I find racing games to be bland, repetitive, and generally all the same. What got me started was the ridiculous looking tracks my friend seemed to be navigating with ease, what got me playing was the fact that it was a free download from

    Whats different about TM Nations, is it feels like a puzzle game. The tracks are short, usualy ranging from forty seconds to two minutes long, and the only keys are accelerate, break, left, right, and reset. Reseting becomes a way of life when you first start the game. Although I could have started on easyer tracks, I couldn't help but try the fast paced looping upside down tracks first.

    So far I'm doing ok, my first priority is to complete a single lap, basicly figure out the puzzle before caring about time. I'm actually feeling compelled to play right now.

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