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    Apr 24th, 2011 at 22:14:03     -    Diablo II (PC)

    Diablo 2 is a game created by Blizzard in the year 2000. Also in 2000 it was put in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest selling computer game ever sold. It is a hack and slash game with role playing and is also massively multiplayer. Some of the same themes were copied from the original game, Diablo. Players can fight one another or team up to fight the monsters scattered across the world. allowed players to create games with one another, it also allowed for chatting in chat rooms with other players. A player can make a game and other players can join this game and help defeat the monsters in it. was completely free and allowed players to communicate with each other with ease.

    =The World=
    The world is split into five acts; each act has different quests, some of which must be completed to gain access to other acts. The first act introduces the player to the game there are six quests involved in this act, however only one needs to be completed, the final one. The final quests is to kill Andariel, the boss for act one. The next act also has six quests. In this act you must complete five quests to advance. These quests have you collect parts of a staff and finally have you build the staff to gain access to Duriel’s tomb where you must fight and kill Duriel. Act three has six quests that make you build Khalim’s Will to gain access to Mephisto’s Lair where you must kill Mephisto to continue to act four. Act four only has three quests and you only need to complete one of them to get to act five. The quest you must complete makes you kill all the monsters in the Chaos Sanctuary and then kill Diablo. Act five has six quests two of which need to be completed. The first one makes you fight three Ancients; you must kill all three without dyeing. The last quest makes you kill waves on monsters to get to the Throne of Destruction where you must kill Baal.

    After killing Baal in Normal difficulty, you will gain access to Nightmare difficulty. In nightmare difficulty there will be harder and more monsters some of them will be resistant to certain magic. Once you defeat Baal in Nightmare you gain access to Hell difficulty. In Hell difficulty there will be lots of hard monsters, most of which will be resistant to some form of magic.

    =Gameplay one=
    I created an Amazon with Exploding Arrow in mind. Since the game starts you off with Javelins I had to use them for now. I headed off to The Blood Moor, the first zone in the game. I started killing everything I found while searching for The Den of Evil. I hit level two before finding it and put one skill point into Fire Arrow. I entered The Den of Evil and started killing all the monsters inside. This took about 10-20 minutes to complete. Inside I found a Bow and some arrows, so I switched to use those. I headed back to the Rogue Camp to complete the Den of Evil quest. I then headed back out to the Blood Moor, this time however I was looking for The Cold Plains. Once I found the Cold Plains I started looking for the burial grounds. I found the burial grounds and got to level six before entering. In the grounds I had to kill Blood Raven, she uses a bow and arrow and has lots of minions. I killed her and went back to camp. I turned in the quest to Kashya and she gave me a mercenary. I decided to log of for the day.

    =Gameplay two=
    I logged onto my 55 ice sorceress to complete act 1 in nightmare mode with a 54 barbarian friend. We had already done the first five quests and only had to kill Andariel to get to act 2. My barbarian friend had the waypoint for the Catacombs level 2, so he went there and put up a town portal so I could join him. We started looking for catacombs level 3 and found it very quickly as we somehow ran straight to it. Getting to level 4 took a little bit longer. I died when a group of Tainted surrounded me. My friend however managed to kill them and spawn another town portal. Shortly after, we found level 4. We cleared the first room and then proceeded to go into the room Andariel was in. After clearing the first few monsters my friend engaged Andariel and we started killing her. She really didn’t do much damage to us; her poison got me to 3/4 health and my barbarian didn’t go below half health. We both went back to town and talked to Warriv who teleported us to act 2. My friend and I decided to log of for the day.

    After 11 years Diablo II still has an active player base and still receives some attention from Blizzard. Blizzard recently came out with a patch that fixed various bugs, balanced some of the classes, and also allowed the game to be played without a CD. I still play this game every now and then when I get really bored. Overall, I have spent many hours playing this game and I enjoyed most of them.

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    Mar 28th, 2011 at 19:02:39     -    Final Fantasy XI (PC)

    Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) is a game created by Square Enix and it part of the Final Fantasy collection. FFXI is the first Final Fantasy to be massively multiplayer. It uses some of the same themes from the older Final Fantasy’s and adds a few new ones. Players fight either alone or in groups to develop their characters. There are many jobs and crafts in the game each with their own benefits and drawbacks. FFXI was one of the first MMORPG’s to allow a player to change jobs (classes, i.e. Warrior, Paladin, etc.) on the same character.

    =The World=
    The world of FFXI is called Vana’diel. Vana’diel has two main continents and four main islands. The landscape consists of everything from deserts to frozen tundra’s. There are indoor and outdoor areas, several dungeons, and four main cities.

    =Job System=
    Many of the jobs of FFXI were adopted from Final Fantasy III. A player can have all the classes on one character and can switch between them at a city. Each job has passive and active abilities. The passive abilities require no action from the player and are active all the time. Active abilities require some sort of input from the player. Each job also has different “2-hour” ability; this ability is very strong and can only be used once every two hours.
    There are many jobs in the world of Vana’diel. The player can choose from six standard jobs: Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, and Thief. When the player reaches level 30 they open up the opportunity to complete quests to unlock 14 more jobs. The 14 extra jobs are Paladin, Dark Knight, Beastmaster, Ranger, Bard, Summoner, Samurai, Ninja, Dragoon, Blue Mage, Corsair, Puppet Master, Dancer, and Scholar.

    =Subjob System=
    When a player first reaches level 18 the can do a quest that allows them to have a subjob also known as a support job. The player may choose any of the jobs that they have available besides their current main job as their subjob. The subjob is half the level of the player’s current main job (rounded down) and the player gains all the abilities up to this level besides the subjobs “2-hour” ability.

    =Gameplay Overview=
    There are 32 servers that the player may choose to create a character on. There are anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 players on each server. The player may choose to play the game on a PC, Play Station 2 or xbox 360. The platform that they play on does not matter as they connect to the same servers.
    >Quests and Missions
    There are two main components to the story: missions and quests. Missions advance the player through the main story line and unlock new areas and items. Quests do not advance the player through the main story line but they do offer rewards for completing them. A player must choose a “home nation” to do missions for. Each player has a rank; this rank show how far they have advanced through the main story line of their home nation. Different nations offer different rewards for completion.
    Players fight monsters to gain experience points, quest reward, Gil, items. Monsters are claimed or unclaimed. An unclaimed monster can be attacked by any player. Once a player attacks a monster it becomes claimed to them. Players use their spells and abilities to defeat the monster.
    Players form parties with other players so that they can all attack the same monster. Most of player’s time in FFXI is spent searching for a party or in a party, as it is the main way to level your character. Parties can have up to six players in them. Alliances can be formed with other parties allowing multiple parties to fight the same monster. Players may use the game’s “seeking for party” menu to find other players who want to join a party.

    =Gameplay One=
    I logged into FFXI at about 3:00 PM. I wanted to level my level 11 Samurai so I put up my seeking for party flag. I browsed the auction house for awhile and did some chatting with the linkshell. About 45 minutes later I got an invite to Valkrum dunes. I asked the linkshell if anyone could give me a teleport to La Theine Plateau, which connects to Valkrum dunes. Someone was available so they teleported me. I walked to Valkrum dunes and then walked to my party. We were fighting Sand Lizards at the southernmost tip of Valkrum dunes. We had a Warrior, two Black Mages, Scholar, White Mage, and me a Samurai. The party decided that I should be the puller (the person who pulls monsters by claiming them and brings them back to the party) so I began pulling Sand Lizards to the party. The White Mage healed us and the rest of us killed the monster. When we were all level 12 I started pulling both Sand Lizards and Goblins. I hit level 13 and that is when things turned for the worse. The Warrior disconnected from the server and all but the Scholar and I died. We waited a short time for the Warrior, but he did not reconnect so we decided to disband the party. I logged out of the game and stopped playing; it was about 7:00 PM.

    =Gameplay Two=
    I logged into FFXI about 5:00 PM. I decided today that I wanted to get level 85 on my 84 Monk, so I changed jobs to Monk, with a Ninja subjob, and headed to Abyssea – Tahrongi were my linkshell had a party with an open slot. Abyssea works a little different than normal parties in FFXI. It works by killing monsters extremely fast with a full alliance of people. It gives the most experience points per hour in the game. The linkshell was at the Pachypodium camp in the middle of the map. I got there at about 5:20 PM and started killing the Mandragoras there with the linkshell. This particular party was excellent. I hit level 85 in no time at all and began maxing out my merits. Merits are used to enhance your job; a character can only have ten unspent merits at one time. After a few hours I had maxed out my merits and was level 85, so I decided to leave the party. I decided to browse the auction house for a bit and then logged off at 11:00 PM.

    Final Fantasy is a very fun game that requires a player to devote many hours into it. The main drawback to this game is the amount of time that it takes a player to level their character. This is mainly due to the time it takes to find a party. I have spent many hours playing this game and I still enjoy playing it today.

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Mar 28th, 2011 at 19:04:07.

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    Jan 25th, 2011 at 17:00:51     -    Magic the Gathering (Other)

    --Magic the Gathering—
    Note: This log is for standard Magic the Gathering play, it will not cover the various other game types.

    Style: Card Game
    Players: 2
    Objective: Reduce the opponent’s life to 0.
    Materials: Die of different sizes (d20 normally), Magic the Gathering cards

    Land cards: Lands are used to get mana which is used to cast spells.

    Permanent Card: Stays on the battlefield until destroyed or is used up.

    Spell cards: Spells are played with mana and are used to kill the opponent. There are different types of spells including: enchantments, artifacts, sorceries, instants, and creatures.
    Sorceries: Can only be played during their owner’s first or second main phase; once played they go to the graveyard.
    Instants: Identical to sorceries but can be played at anytime during the match.
    Enchantments: Permanent cards that do various abilities.
    Artifact: Permanent card that can be lands, creatures, and various other types.
    Creature: Permanent card that may attack or defend opponent.

    Deck: A deck consists of various Magic the Gathering cards and lands.

    Stack: The stack is used to keep track of various abilities. These abilities are put onto the stack, from the bottom up, and then resolved from the top down.

    Battlefield: The battlefield is the area in which the players play.

    Graveyard: Contains cards that have already been played or destroyed.

    --Game Rules--
    The deck must contain at least 60 cards and must not have more than four of any like card in it (excluding basic lands).

    The deck must also contain cards that are in the standard block. The block is set by Wizard’s of the Coast and it constantly changing.

    The players must start the game with 20 lives.

    To both get the opponent’s lives to 0 and get rid of any abilities that prevent the opponent from dyeing or get the opponent to quit the game (concede).

    The winner is the best out of three matches.

    --Game Play--
    Set up: Each player shuffles their deck and the opponent cuts it. They are placed face down on their owner’s side of the battlefield. Each player starts with 20 lives. The starting player is randomly selected.

    --Game Flow--
    There are seven phases that each player must go through on their turn.

    They are in the following order:
    Untap: The player untaps all their cards on the battlefield, unless there is an ability that prevents them from doing so.
    Upkeep: The player must follow any upkeep costs/abilities of the cards in play.
    Draw: The player draws one card from the top of their library.
    First Main Phase: The player may play one land and cast any number of spells that they have as long as they have enough mana to do so.
    Combat Phase: The player may attack with any creature that has been played the turn before unless it has haste. The defending player can react by defending with their own creatures and/or play any instant spells they may have.
    Second Main Phase: The second main phase is very close to the first main phase, the only difference is that they player may not play another land.
    End-of-Turn: The player declares that their turn is done. Any temporary or end-of-turn abilities resolve.

    The turn is then switched to the opponent.

    Magic the Gathering is an extremely complex game that takes years of practice to become good at. It can be very fun and very competitive. The game is constantly changing as new sets of cards are released. Magic is a very fun game to play both casually and competitively.

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