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    Aug 3rd, 2011 at 23:43:11     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    After Erick and Dylan arrived at the library window, Erick realized that the police had the school surrounded. He had to make a decision. “Do I just end it all? Do I continue to massacre everyone in the school? This seemed to be an easy decision for me as the player to select. After watching the horrid images of these two kids killing all the students in the school with no remorse, it seemed as if it was the games way of asking if I wanted to continue the carnage or just finish. I selected to just end it.
    Upon selecting to end the carnage, the consequences for the actions are shown. Erick and Dylan commit suicide. An image displaying Erick’s and Dylan’s body, both shot in the head. It seemed to be actual footage of the crime scene. Pictures of other students outside the school in tears and surprised at what just transpired. The police officers sitting on the curb in tears fully armed to engage Erick and Dylan. At the end of the slide show, images of the two from when they were innocent and young were displayed in sequence of years leading up to their teenage years. They were the stereotypical white suburban teenage boys that would seem incapable of such an act.
    Once the slideshows were complete, I ended up playing the role of Dylan. Dylan was positioned in a place that seemed like hell. He was standing on a brick and stone platform surrounded by flames and molten lava. Dylan proceeds to maneuver the area and arrives in an area with a bunch of ghouls and angels from hell. As Dylan attempts to fight these monsters, he is defeated. He tried multiple times, and is unable.
    Early in the game, there is a sense of consequence for their actions. The images of the children’s bodies remain on the screen for the player to see. And, and as the game continues, the further consequence leads them to hell. This was exactly where they wanted to be. To live eternal life in a fire pit.

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    Aug 2nd, 2011 at 22:13:32     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    As Erick went further in the game (Columbine RPG), Erick continues with the mission of entering the cafeteria without the hall monitor or the cameras detecting him. He is able to enter the cafeteria and emplace two explosives next to the vending machines. The lack of having a map caused issues in locating the vending machines. After he emplaced the bombs under the tables, he is instructed to depart. After multiple attempts of trying to flee with being detected, Erick goes to the trunk of the car that he has arrived in and set up a timer for another bomb to detonate the car. Then he went to the park to watch the “fireworks”. After waiting for a while, the bomb fails to explode.
    He is faced with a dilemma. What do we do from here? Does the character have a choice to cancel the mission? There is no option to leave. The mission is now to kill as many students as possible. That’s what the plan was. The moral decision to continue with the mission was totally unethical. The character does not have any morality in the social theory contract on the rights of the students. He also ignores the contract of not to kill another person. After a long gruesome campaign on trying to kill as many as possible, Erick reminisces the memories of sitting in the lunchroom all alone and no one to even make a conversation with him. Erick goes into the lighting room and remembers when they were in the play Frankenstein. Each word in the play was a depiction on how their life was and how they will have their revenge against everyone. As the course of the game continues on, Erick second guesses himself and thinks that if it was better to move to an island like New Zealand, with Dylan. It is evident that Erick is obsessed over Dylan. His frame of mind shifts dramatically from this point and just wants to continue with his rampage. Another area in which he has to decide is when he reaches the library window and notices the police outside. He has to decide whether he wants to just end it all, or continue to kill more people. He decides to end it all and is killed by suicide by cop.
    Erick showed that he had no value for any one’s life, to include his own. His constant thought to continue the killing spree shows that he is incapable of remorse. He believed that his killings were justified because of the lack of attention by others to socialize with him. He thought about moving to an island where they can live in a more Natural State, without any rules/laws. His thought pattern is totally unethical in a Social Contract Theory, Utilitarianistic, and Kantianistic way. He shows no morality in the common law of not killing another human being.

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    Aug 1st, 2011 at 19:11:15     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    The Columbine RPG PC game is narrative driven. I spent more time reading then actually playing the game. The two main characters is Erick and Dylan. As Erick wakes up for the day, he calls Dylan, his best friend. Their discussion consists of them emphasizing on how much fun it’s going to be today. That today is the day, and, “what fun is life without a little death”. Erick shows a blatant disregard towards his parents, as he says, “Just blame our parents”. They also say that they are tired of this human form.
    These individuals are from a high class area of Suburban Denver. They continuously identify the people in the area as rich and spoiled. They complain about the constant emphasis on how they should live their lives, such as exercise every day, the amount of sit-ups and pushups, to include an 8 mile run. More rules consisted of; not smoking, drinking and driving, etc.
    As I attempted to continue the game, I noticed that Erick does not do anything without Dylan. I went record and was unable, because Erick says that he wants to wait for Dylan. The game travels through the path of the Columbine shootings. It takes you through the course of post planning to execution. I made it to the school to plant some explosions in the cafeteria. As I attempted, I was continuously getting caught by a hall monitor or the camera.
    Erick woke up that morning with a decision to make, whether he wanted to continue as planned, or correct the issue and not go further. He decided to continue with the planned assault on the High School. This shows that his only value is honor to his friend Dylan. Dylan was the biggest influence in his life, and will do anything to satisfy his friend. They seemed to be thinking logically as they were having a conversation about the acceptance to Arizona State and also applying to become a Marine.
    With the initial start of the game, I was completely bothered, just to think that a game was made after such a horrible massacre in our history. Just to think that I am playing a game in which, my goal, is to kill high school kids. This game caused me some moral issues. I had strong reservations about playing a game like this. I felt that it is not right, to use characters portraying someone else in that type of situation.

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    Jul 27th, 2011 at 23:49:44     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    My third day of Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas consisted of multiple missions. Carl Johnson had to still earn respect of his fellow gang members. He is instructed to rescue Sweet and his girlfriend whom are pinned down at an apartment complex. Carl has to kill the ballers that are pinning them down. After he kills the ballers, He takes sweet home. Once the mission is complete, Carl realizes that he can determine what course in the game he wants to take. He realize that he can steal a taxi and work for fares. He also stole an ambulance and conducted some ambulatory missions. He also had the choice to go back to the neighborhood and continue on with my original mission of gang activity. To follow the story line, Carl continued with the mission as a gang member. His next mission was to go with smoke to a war hungry Vietnam Veterans home to steal a few crates of weapons. The goal is to stealthily enter the house and carry all crates and take them back to a storage unit. After completion of the mission, Carl picks up another mission to pick up OG Loc (Jeffery) from prison. After picking up OG Loc, Carl is persuaded to go to another ex-prisoners home, whom abused OG Loc in prison. The ex-prisoner ran off on a motorcycle, talking in a very flamboyant way, enticing Carl to catch him if he can. The goal is to kill this ex-prisoner.

    Carl is caught in the ethical issue of whether to continue with the mission as a gang member. He is continuously encouraged to conduct criminal behavior. Although he has the option to conduct other missions. It feels as the game lacks to advance in its storyline if the mission as a gang member is not accomplished. He is easily influenced by the behavior of his fellow gang members with his willingness to agree to any mission. He fails to want to do the right thing. He falls into the Kantianism scheme of ethics. Although it is not right what he is doing, it is often seen as right in the eyes of the individual accustomed to the lifestyle of a gang member with violent tendencies. He does not care about the outcome of his actions, just what he can do right now and just not worry about the consequences. His Values are associated only with duty and honor to the gang and friends.

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