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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 16:23:43     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    After playing for another or so I realized that Zelda is really complicating becaus eyou have to follow these paths and stuff to beat the game and finally saving the princess. As a child I played for fun and did not realize that it was complicating as much as I know now. There are so many rooms and things to remember. After awhile everything just looks the same. Zelda will always be a fun game because it has been around forever. the graphics do not compare to today but it is a great game. It is a basically eays game to play because you kill things but the hard part is all the mazes because it is hard to remember everything unless you are a full time gamer. The game makes you keep playing because you want to over come and beat the game. The design of the game is basic block looking characters and scenes. The character you basically fits the game. The games rewards are great becuase you need to find things and kill things to get things. Hearts keep you in while you find new weapons.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 15:14:37     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    The Legend of Zelda is a clasic game that I love. I remember playing the game when I was smaller and it was a greta gae and still is. The graphics do not compare to the graphics now and days.It is an adventure game. The game was confusing at first because i haven't played in awhile but basically you follow paths and stuff to try to find the Princess. There are key things to get like hearts for more life and other secret weapons like bow and arrows. The keys are good to find to unlck things in the game. I am going to play more ti see how much farther I can get.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 23:49:15     -    NFL Blitz (N64)

    Playing for the second time tonight I won again 42-21. One big difference I noticed this time was that since it is not the basic rules of a real football game, when it is fourth down in a real game you would punt it but in Blitz you go for it because the game is who can score the most. It is a fun game when you do not want to play Madden. Madden is another football game where it is real teams and players but a lot like the real thing not like a fantasy game like Blitz. NFL Blitz is one of my favorites of all time because you can play tournaments where everyone picks a team and we all play against eachother until someone comes out to be champion. if you are not good at Madden because it is too realistic like in real footballand if your not into it, then Blitz is the way to go because it is an easey game to pick up and learn.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 22:54:57     -    NFL Blitz (N64)

    I played one game of NFL Blitz with 5 minute quarters against my friend. I was the Dallas Cowboys and he was the 49ers. Since I played Blitz when I was smaller I knew some cheat codes I entered and I got infinite turbo. NFL Blitz is a game where you play football but it is like street football where you can hit people and the rules are different from real football but they play with real NFL players. The graphics are okay for N64 system but the game itself is the funnest. I won the game 50-14 because my freind was not that good. The funnest thing about the game is that it is street football and not real. I am going to play another game with a different guy and hopefully he gives me a challenge. The characters in the game are cool because you get to be your favorite team on the game and you know the players. Some rules that are different is that you need to get 30 yards for a first down instead of the real thing ten yards. Anything can happen in this type a game so lead is safe.

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