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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 02:02:00     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    Okay! Beat the first level dungeon, and my great rewards were; a piece of heart, to increase my total life, and a shiny triangle (I know form my other Zelda adventures that it is the TriForce, but there is no attempt at explanation in this version so far).

    After I won there, I tried very hard to travel along the coast. That didn't work out so well. I wound up using around 20 lives trying to get past both the sea monsters and the sand monsters. After I decided I was out of my league, I chose a different path, and wound up climbing a mountain. I walked under a waterfall and found a mountain crone of some kind, who asked for money in exchange for information. What did she have to say? "Go up, up the mountain!!" As if that weren't what I was already up to. So far, I'vce used up thirty one lives, and I've only got four hearts. Not so impressive. Again, my Dad is just laughing at me.

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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 00:55:40     -    Final Fantasy X (PS2)

    OMG. I hate Seymour. HATE. He tried to marry Yuna, and I was forced to hurt him.

    The storyline continues to be all sorts of wonderful. The romanticism involved often surprises me, though, since I only know boys who have actually played through the whole game. The mushiness, apparently, is quite effecttive. I only bring it up because, last I saved, I had just witnessed the rather long and beautiful cut scene in which Tidus and Yuna kiss. I rather predicted that this might happen eventually, but it still caught me offguard.

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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 00:51:09     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    Started the original Zelda game on the suggestion of my father (who, of course, delights in the fact that I am now playing the only RPG he's ever completed - not only completed, but several times). I am slightly surprised at the level of difficulty involved in the game - I'd seen it played, but never actually tried it. So far, it's only good stuff. The varying enemies and different locales create a solid game-world that is just incredibly engaging.

    So, I started out with nothing. It took me a life or two to figure out that I need to go into the first cave to get the sword. This made my Dad laugh. A lot.

    Beat up some vicious monsters already, though I've made no real progress as far as story or map exploration. I've used up twelve lives, and I've discovered different things in several different directions - in one way, there's a dungeon, another way is a healing spring, and another way yet is a whole ton of sand monsters that are insanely hard to get past. I think I'll try the dungeon first.

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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 01:31:48     -    SSX Tricky (PS2)

    And an hour later, I have managed to get Elise from Rookie to Contender. This time around was MUCH more difficult. I had to try the final race four or five times before I placed third - the competitions before then weren't difficult at all. I am slowly discovering the point behind doing all these tricks. There is a meter on the side of the screen that fills up when I do particularly well, and I tend to be in first place whenever I do a lot of tricks. Therefore, I am making the assumption that more tricks leads to a faster speed, and a higher position. I must assume all these things because my little sister lost the handbook that came with SSX. XD

    Anyways, there's a handy dandy tutorial for tricks that I've just figured out. Comes in very handy, too, to know what will get you the big points.

    There are a couple of annoying things about this game; the characters are able to shove each other while racing, everyone talks during the race, and the 'cut scenes' upon completing each run are extremely short in number and quickly turn repetitive.

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