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    Oct 11th, 2011 at 23:33:08     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    So this is my third and final time of playing Super Columbine Massacre. I've decided that the creation of the game itself can be considered ethical because it is the creator's right to express their speech and creativity through the game they created. However as I continued to massacre the library I had to go through the action of Dylan and Eric killing themselves. After they killed themselves, the game presented REAL images of the event, of the killer's dead bodies, of their childhood photos, and of people on the day that it happened. This is not only extremely offensive but insanely unethical because it is a complete invasion of the privacy of the victims, witnesses, and their families. The creator has an ethical right to create a game to express himself but it is unethical of him to invade privacies that are not his to display to the world. Not only this, but he has twisted the story into his own interpretation so that people that play the game's not associate these real images that he uses with the gameplay itself. After they killed themselves Dylan and Eric went to hell where they continued their massacre. I could barely stand to play for much longer. Hell brought about unrealism and when juxtaposed with the real images of Columbine, it creates a very confusing game that makes me extremely uncomfortable to play. I hope no child ever sees this game.

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    Oct 10th, 2011 at 23:11:17     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today is my second time playing Super Columbine Massacre. During this game play my character continued to wreak havoc by setting fires in the lunchroom and killing mostly everyone that he came across. What was different about playing today than playing yesterday was the flashbacks, now that I'm further into the game there were many more bullying flashbacks. The game creator invented scenarios in which Dylan and Eric were left to eat alone in the lunch room or bullied in the locker room. I still believe that the game creator inventing memories or Eric and Dylan is morally wrong because he is implementing false notions into the player's head that they have any idea whatsoever as to why these events occurred. Something else I noticed during my second time of playing the game that I had not before was what happened to the student and faculty's bodies after you kill them. The game shows the bodies in a bloody heap on the floor; this is not only grotesque and unnecessary but unethical in the sense that it adds a creepy realism to a gamer's version of a horrific historical event. This game can be seen by children of people of any age and that disturbs me. During the cafeteria rampage the game showed a shot taken from the actual security camera at Columbine. Putting actual footage into this game is grossly unethical because it is erasing the line between a game and the real life event. By putting this reality of the nightmare at Columbine into the game the creator and game itself are really overstepping their boundaries. The creator is turning his game, which he created to be a unique interpretation of the event, into a misrepresentation of that day at Columbine. I left my gameplay in the library after unethically killing a few more innocent people just because they were "jocks". We'll see how tomorrow's play goes.

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    Oct 9th, 2011 at 17:34:24     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    I have never played an RPG before Super Columbine Massacre so I didn't know what to expect other than bad graphics and turn-taking battles. I did not expect this game to have such contrived and long interpreted conversations that the game creator just made up.
    The game starts in the bedroom of Eric as he wakes up and prepares for the Columbine massacre; the room is littered with pop culture references that unethically and automatically put a stigma on these people. The game uses sooo many references to movies, music and games that Dylan and Eric listen to that it makes it seem as though these took part in their decision to massacre their high school. The truth is that millions of people everywhere listen to music like Nirvana, play games like Doom and have a prescription to Luvox. It was morally incorrect for this game creator to place the negative emphasis on their interests. The first thing you see in the game is all of these things, rather than how they are treated at school by other kids or things that might have actually influenced their rage.
    Dylan and Eric have long conversations about how "today is the day" and "all those fuckers are going to die". These long conversations are completely imaginary and what the game creator thinks Dylan and Eric would have been saying to each other. By doing this, the creator is giving the RPG player a twisted view of what actually happens which is something that they really know NOTHING about. The fact that the game was created at all is unethical because it presents a false understanding of a horrific event in history. It turns a massacre that ruined innocent lives into a game that can be played and seen by anyone.
    There is a flashback of the boys preparing bombs and then the game takes the player back to the day of the massacre as you plant bombs in the cafeteria to go off at a time that would cause the most damage. The boys then arm themselves and wait for the bombs to detonate. When they see that the bombs are late, you as a player are forced to take action and make your way into the school. Every character that I came into combat with and was forced to kill was a unique looking character though they had generic names like Pretty Girl or Preppy Boy. The game forces the player to engage in one-on-one combat with students and faculty of Columbine High School. This adds even more immorality to an already ridiculously unethical game because it greatly personalizes the killing. You are forced as a player to kill many individuals that you know are innocent. Playing this game made me sick to my stomach and I'm really not looking forward to continuing the massacre tomorrow.

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    Sep 27th, 2011 at 17:20:58     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    So this is my third time playing GTA San Andreas for PS2. Since I found the missions to be pretty challenging (it took me over 20 tries to avoid getting shot while riding my bike) I figured I'd explore more of what the game had to offer by riding around. So off I sent CJ to steal cars and try things out. Something I found interesting that I had not thought of before was that went you approach a driver's window to steal the car the game gives you an option to stop. This remains true with all the actions within the game: you don't have to steal cars, beat the crap out of people or wreak havoc. The player CHOOSES to do these things. You have choices within the realm of the game. Though I'm sure some missions require you to commit crimes (I'm not sure because I hadn't gotten that far) it is nice to know that you aren't completely forced to do bad things. For sure I stole a taxi and gave people rides around town. Yes I stole the taxi which is an immoral act, but I ended up earning money honestly by giving people rides to their destinations. From a utilitarian perspective, my stealing the taxi driver's car was a small price to pay to give happiness and favors to the many people of San Andreas. (I'm aware that this statement is a bit of a stretch). So with my hard earned money I was able to buy my character nice things like a new haircut (though they only had unethically stereotypical options like afro and fade) or a meal from Cluckin Bell.
    I decided to check out about San Andreas online and found a website with a bunch of cheats. I put cheats on that made everyone turn into clowns and then I turned everyone into Elvis lookalikes. Then I came across something called a "hot coffee mod". This is a minigame in San Andreas which shows a video of a nude woman in the game and your character having sex. The fact that this exists is absurd and is another reason why this game should not be suitable for children. I'm not sure why game designers would ever think to include that in a video game, then again we are talking about Grand Theft Auto. So what I learned from this round of play is that it is possible to play the game in a morally ethical manner, though it is not as interesting and definitely not what gameplay is intended for. All in all it was an interesting experience to play this game, though I will probably never play it again.

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