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    Oct 10th, 2011 at 22:34:26     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Previously playing this game, I left off killing all the kids in the parking lot of the school. To my surprise, once I started playing again, I realized I didn't kill all the kids. I walked around and found more kids. After stalking them as they walked in the same path, it took me a couple tries to face them and "fight" them. When it was time to battle them, I simply hit the "auto-fight" button because I did not feel comfortable going through and actually picking out which weapon I wanted to use to kill them. If this game was not based on an actual event, I think I would playing it with the intentions of beating it, however the main reason why I wanted to play the game was to uncover new things about Columbine I did not previously know. After I killed everyone outside, I went in the school. After killing everyone in the first classroom, I soon realized that the whole rest of the game would be like this; chase after someone, fight them, and finally kill them. I did find it interesting how you could kill your teachers and the Reb or Vodka would say something about that teacher. I did think this was disturbing because unlike the students, they actually gave a name to the teacher. The students were simply titled "jock" or "pretty girl." Also I found it weird how some of the students were titled "openly gay guy." The way the character with this title was dressed seemed to fit stereotypes of gay people. I think the game designers may have purposely did that for some dramatic relief and to try and be funny. However, I think the "openly gay guy" characters seemed very out of place. Also, as I killed more and more students, I noticed how some of them healed themselves because they were praying. I understand how the game developers would want to make a different type of "enemy" you face because it got really boring to me when I kept going up to kids and the killing process was the same, but I thought this was somewhat offending. I was good to have a different type of opponent, one who can give themselves more health, but the fact that they were praying in order to get health did not sit right with me.

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    Oct 9th, 2011 at 20:59:36     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    This time during my playing experience of this game, I got a taste of what the kids actually did in the Columbine shooting. When I first got to school, I had to get bombs from the trunk of the car and plant them in the cafeteria. As I walked through the school, I kept getting caught and I had to start back from the parking lot. I was really really confused because I had no idea why I was getting caught. It took me around a dozen tries to realize I had to walk underneath the cameras which were hanging on the walls. Also, I found out the hard way that I could not run into any students. I thought the overall "stealth" part of the game was extremely corny and dumb. Being a game that was based on facts of a true event, the sneaking in the hallway kind of tore away from that. I did not feel like I was playing a controversial game about a real life event; rather I felt like this aspect of the game was so unrealistic and I felt like I was playing an actual game. Not to mention, this corny stealth mission took a lot away from the serious of the game. Once I reached the cafeteria, I planted the bombs and went back outside. After going to the hill which took me forever to find, I loaded up and went back to the parking lot. When the kids talked about how the bombs failed to blow up, I did not know this actually happened. In a way, this game could be viewed as a source for facts on an even that took place. Prior to playing this game, I simply thought Columbine consisted of kids shooting up a school with solely guns; I did not know they made bombs which failed to blow up. Then it was time to actually start killing people. I was pretty nervous for this part of the game because the thought of it didn't sit well with me. As I soon learned, the fighting sequences were totally fake and were similar to fighting sequences in other video games. This was a relief to me because again, this non-life like part of the game took away from the seriousness of what the overall game was actually about.

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    Oct 8th, 2011 at 23:52:34     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Before I started playing this game, I only knew the basic information of the Columbine shootings; 2 pissed off teenagers brought guns to their school and killed a bunch of their classmates before they too died. As I began playing the game, I noticed the graphics were terrible and I could barely read the text of what the characters were saying. Although this game could be extremely controversial, I did learn more about the events of Columbine and how the 2 kids created this plan. When I brought the character in the basement, I picked up a bag, and put the home-made bomb inside of it. It was a little bit disturbing because the picture of the bomb looked like the real bomb these kids made to bring to their school. After I picked up the bag and bombs, I walked over to a video camera and out of curiosity I clicked the button to pick it up. The kids wanted to record a video of themselves before they changed history. The screen suddenly went to a picture of each of the boys' faces and dialogue of what they said in the real video. I found this extremely disturbing because I felt like I was staring at these two killers straight in the face. It is one thing to depict these evil characters as an animated fake figure, but seeing an actual picture of them did not sit well with me. As I read the dialogue of their video, I found it very interesting what the kids were saying. In particular, the one boy said that he felt bad for his parents and his parents were the best in the world but they still had to go through with this. This seemed very odd because most kids do bad things because their home lives aren't that great, but in this case the kids specifically said it was not their faults.

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    Sep 27th, 2011 at 09:38:46     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    During my final time playing Grand Theft Auto, I decided to go big. Rather than just playing the game, I used cheat codes again. At first I unlocked all the weapons. After experimenting and playing around with them, I felt like they were mostly the same; similar guns basically felt the same when I was shooting them. I wanted to change my game play experience, so after shooting random people, I decided to use cheat codes to give me a tank. It took me a while to actually figure out how to get in the tank, but once I did I felt like I had unlimited power; perhaps too much power in the game. As i drove around and destroyed everything in my path, I was only able to acquire 4 wanted stars. So, I put in a cheat in order to give me 6 wanted stars, the most number of stars a player can be wanted in the game. Now, not only were petty police cars chasing me, but more SWAT suvs and other military trucks soon took pursuit after me. After a couple minutes of driving around and destroying all the police officials chasing me, 3 tanks, like the one I was driving around in came after me. I tried shooting the tanks, but they would not blow up like the other cars. Likewise, they tried shooting me and I would not blow up. How on earth could I be stopped. I was driving around in a vehicle that could not be stopped and destroyed anything that crossed its path. This almost seems not fair from the game designers perspective. Game designers make games which challenge gamers and keep them coming back for me. After this experience, I got bored after 10 minutes of being an all powerful killing machine. It almost doesn't seem right to give the player this much power during the game.

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