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    Oct 12th, 2011 at 11:44:12     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    For my last session, it was finally time to enter the school with some guns, and I did not know what to expect. I entered the building and approached another guy. Right away it zooms into this scene in a hallway with a cartoon boy. It says a Prep type boy has crossed you. You pick which weapon you want to use and it takes a certain number of health points away. Not very exciting, in fact extremely monotonous. I repeated this with different people in the cafeteria and other hallways. Again the different students all had types like jocks, nerds, popular girls, church girls and so forth. The game really makes use of the typical high school stereotype groups. The whole killing thing is so simplified down to nothing. In the beginning of the game there is a quote: “The purest surrealist act would be to go into a crowd and fire at random.” Andre Breton. But when I was playing the game it was the exact opposite, it was so boring and computerized, I felt no emotion while playing the game. Overall this game was pretty boring to play, and I did not enjoy much of it at all except the soundtrack, although it does bring up some different ethical dilemmas.

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    Oct 12th, 2011 at 10:59:01     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    My second session, I picked up where I left off and was on my way to the high school to start. I entered the school, and planted the bombs where I was supposed to: near the vending machines in the cafeteria, and left. I went up to the hill to meet Dylan, and we chatted so more about life and why we were doing this. Again, the boys were pissed off at the world and this is what they had to do to make it better, and start some sort of a revolution. More 1990s music, Radiohead’s “Creep” from Pablo Honey and “Fake Plastic Trees” from The Bends, was playing in the background. Both are pretty depressing songs about negative thoughts, suicide, and simply feeling lost in society. I thought wow; I didn’t realize at first how much 1990s music may have played into the heads of Dylan and Eric.

    Eventually we realized the bombs were not going to go off, so we packed our weapons, including Tec9s, Pump and sawed of shotguns, and an assortment of guns. This is where I left off for my final session.

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    Oct 12th, 2011 at 07:16:57     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Mayers Gamelog entry #1

    So I started playing my first session of Super Columbine Massacre RPG. It’s an older game, so I guess I didn’t expect it to be amazing, but Super Columbine is a really basic looking game. It reminded me of my old Pokemon games on my GameBoy Color back in the day.

    It starts out as you waking up as Eric in his room. I played around in the room, turned on Nirvana and found the game Doom. These were two pieces of media from the 1990s that were somewhat controversial. Doom was a very violent first person shooter for the computer, and Nirvana had its own issues with Kurt Cobain tragically committing suicide. Both of these are relevant to the game, and I thought it was interesting how the game very purposefully had them in the game. So I called V over to get really for the biggest day of our lives. I explored the house a bit more there really was not much there. V got there and we had a very depressing and angry dialogue. From reading the conversations, the game is definitely trying to show that leading up to the shooting, they were going to have no regrets, and no cares about the outcomes. They blamed others and their angry had built up. Sadly in their minds this was the only solution.

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    Sep 28th, 2011 at 10:38:12     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    Michael Mayers GAM228 Zagal Entry #3

    For my third gaming session of GTA San Andreas I decided to go back to doing some missions. Progressively they were starting to become more and more violent, particularly the mission when CJ raids the crack-house and murders a group of rival gang members, and then the drive-by mission in which you ride with your three closest gang members into enemy territory and gun down multiple groups of rival gangsters. This invoked me to explore the gang concept a bit more. First I started in CJ’s home turf. I went up to the groups of guys in my gang dressed in green and studied them. They are all casually and openly holding out guns, passing a blunt (of what I assume to be marijuana), and cussing at each other. I was taken back by this, because it was just happening nonchalantly in the game. As mentioned in my previous gamelog, you gained respect by killing rival gangsters during missions. So I decided to take this out of the missions and do it while I saw the groups of gangsters dressed in purple as was driving in free roam. I would easily run them over and sometime get out and use guns on them. I picked up their guns and money, and continued looking for more. Eventually the rival groups were noticing me and didn’t take too kindly to me being on their turf. I thought it was worth taking note on how the environment CJ is in was evolving based on my actions, because now these groups would just start shooting at me. I was beginning to see how important the theme of gang life is to San Andreas. Everyone in the gangs had the matching colors, drugs and guns are no big deal, and even most of the radio stations blast gangster rap music from the time period (ex. Today Was a Good Day by Ice Cube). And after playing for a while I feel like the game itself ties the whole gang mentality with African American culture, which I think is unethical to do.

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