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    Oct 12th, 2011 at 09:18:31     -    Super columbine massacre (Other)

    Today was the last day of playing Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Again, I did not make it past the cafeteria, and it was extremely frustrating. There was no direction in the game after getting into the cafeteria, and because the graphics were so bad, it was impossible to tell what a camera even looked like, thus getting caught every couple of seconds and starting over.

    This game was just weird. I was expecting a very graphic game that was way too realistic, however, I was stunned when it was only blurry images scattered on a screen. In a way, it was a relief to not have to endure a realistic scene of playing a sick killer. It concerns me that this game was made. Why would anyone want to be or play the historical killers of Columbine? What kind of person would plant bombs in a school to get revenge? It makes me ill and sad to even think someone thought making this game was a good idea. Yes, the game is very poorly made, but just the fact that it was attempted to be made is unethical.

    It disturbed me when the game made you watch the goodbye video the two killers made. It tried to explain why they were doing this horrible thing, but it seemed to me that they were just angry. What makes someone get to this breaking point in their life? I do not recommend this game to anyone, and I really think it shouldn't be available for anyone to play. It was too soon to make this, and it makes me ill to know that people enjoy this game.

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    Oct 11th, 2011 at 15:27:26     -    Super columbine massacre (Other)

    My second day playing Super Columbine Massacre RPG was not very successful. I started off in the cafeteria, but once I got past the people, I could not figure out what to do next. I literally went around in circles, weaving through lunch tables and soda machines looking for my next task. The graphics in the game are so poor that I could not tell what things actually were or where I was supposed to go. Usually, there is a green screen that comes up with directions or conversation telling the player what to do or where to go, however, there was nothing of the sort once I got into the cafeteria. I was very fed up as well as frustrated.

    Although I did not get very far today, I still felt uncomfortable playing this game. I never want to be associated with killing innocent people or being so angry that I want to do such a thing. It made me sick to be controlling a person who was on a mission such as this. However, the graphics are so poorly made, I almost felt as if I was playing a little kids game. I think my little cousins could play this game with no problem and probably finish it faster than I ever could. This disturbs me even further because what if a little kid was playing this game? Would they even realize who they were being in the game or what the mission was? It really makes me nauseous that someone actually made a game about this tragic event in our history. It makes me think that in my lifetime there will be a game about 9/11 where you can be the terrorist and crash the planes into the Twin Towers. I hope this does not happen within my lifetime, but if someone made a game about Columbine, what is the limit on what game someone will make?

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    Oct 10th, 2011 at 20:05:28     -    Super columbine massacre (Other)

    When I first found out that we were assigned to play Super Columbine Massacre RPG, I felt uncomfortable. Why would anyone make a game about such a tragedy that happened within our lifetime. I know there are games about wars that have happened in the past, but I felt as though this event occurred too recently to make it into a game.

    I reluctantly walked into the gaming lab on the ninth floor and started playing the game. To my surprise, the game was really old looking. The graphics were similar to a Nintendo Mario game. It was very hard to tell what was actually on the screen, and the font was extremely hard to read. It would take me a good minute to read a few sentences. This was what took me a majority of the half hour of play, reading the conversations between the two main characters. It was very frustrating as well as time consuming.

    As I began to play, it was rather disturbing reading what these two men were saying to each other. I felt so uncomfortable when they talked about how everyone deserves to die. The weirdest part for me was when they made the video to leave behind after their plan was in action. I was a little bit confused because I was only in second grade when this event actually occurred, so I did not know why these men were so angry and felt the need to bomb a school. I still do not know, so I am going to do some research so the game makes more sense to me.

    The game was very odd to play. I could not get past what I would consider the first level, or getting through the cafeteria. Apparently, your character could not be seen by anyone or else you would be put back into the parking lot to start again. I found this frustrating because the hall monitor seems impossible to get past. I was disappointed in the graphics of the game, but in a way I was relieved that they were not realistic because I feel as though that would make me feel ill playing someone who would kill many innocent people. Hopefully tomorrow I can get past the hall monitor.

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    Sep 28th, 2011 at 11:37:18     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS3)

    Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was checked out of the gaming lab. I decided to play Grand Theft Auto IV because it was the only one that would work with the available televisions. This version of the game started with a girl whipping a man until he was bleeding. It seemed that my character was on a boat to begin with. He also appeared foreign, and I could not always understand what he was saying.

    I got in the cab that the game told me to get into, and I immediately crashed because I have not used an XBox controller before. It took me a very long time to get out of the situation, so I abandoned the car and started running to see if I could get another car. However, it was hard to get into other cars. This game is very different from the one I have played the past two days.

    The language did not appear to be as revolting as the San Andreas version. It was not as racist, and they did not use swear words every time they spoke a sentence. This version seemed to be more about family, almost in a mob-like style. Although the language was improved, there were still posters of almost naked girls, and of course the whipping of the man in the opening scene was not pleasant. I would recommend this version of the game to anyone over the other because it is much more laid back, or at least it was for as far as I had played. It did not seem to enforce violence or harsh language, and I found it much easier to play.

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