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    Feb 23rd, 2012 at 00:15:19     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    While playing my third game session of SCM RPG, I have decided I will not play the rest of the game. I grabbed some bombs from the trunk of the car and finally made it in the cafeteria and planted the bombs. I grabbed ammo from the car trunk and met up with Vodka on a hill overlooking the city. It was the famous last quotes moment and pretty lame at that. Originally I like the dialogue in the game, this round I thought it was horrible and lacking originality. So then I armored up with an arsenal of stuff and headed back to the school. When I got to the part where we started to kill students running around the parking lot and interior of the school I really started to lose interest. Not because I feel sympathy for the students at Columbine, though I do. It was because this really started seeming pointless, and I could almost predict how this game would end, exactly like the story on the news. I assume if I were to play to the end that we have to commit suicide at the end. I think the killing was a bit exaggerated in this game as well. I believe 12 died in the real massacre, but everyone you fight in this game die. I made it as far as the Clinton speech on TV before I quit out of the game. I feel like a person has a right to make a game like this even though it is offensive to many people. Honestly if a person can express aggression like this without committing it, then what it the big deal? Even though the graphics are horrible this game still gives you a sense of how catastrophic an event as such can be. I would just have the hope that future generations of people do not look at this game as example of the real event. These games like everything else are embedded in history. All we have in the future are evidences of the past. It is possible some are taken more literal than they really were made to. Regardless anyone has the right to make any type of game they want; ethics of the consumer are the judge of success in this case. I can assume no money was made on this game. Popularity based on shock value, 15 minutes of game fame. Quality games last forever.

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    Feb 22nd, 2012 at 15:38:31     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today my experience in this game was not fun at all. I started in the parking lot where I left off. I tried opening all the car doors in the parking lot, and none worked, except for the car I came in. It was Vodka and he said that I shouldn’t Pu*$y out. I realized that I had absolutely no choice but to enter the school, which is what I was trying not to do. So I entered the school based on what I could not do, not based on what I was guided to do. This game makes it very unclear what the goals are and how to use my inventory. So I tried walking through the first hallway after the entrance to the school. Actually, I tried walking through that hall about 20 times before I finally made it to what I believe to be the cafeteria. I almost quit the game after 15 attempts at walking through that first hall. I was getting pissed off that I had no idea what I was triggering to send me back outside and to get yelled at by Vodka. After collecting my thoughts, I tried a few more times and I made it, still have no idea how, but I made it. So I enter the cafeteria and set off another trigger that sent me all the way to the beginning again. At this point I was to frustrated to play further, so I saved my game and left.
    Now one thing I would like to briefly mention is the game creator’s idea of what it takes to make two characters resemble punk kids. The use of the music is in very bad taste. It is a Casio keyboard version of the same Nirvana song over and over again. That is extremely annoying, especially the last long drawn out note that rings this horrible sound in my ears. I get it, its 8 bit graphics, and they want 8 bit sound. I think they should have used something else, and a little variety.
    As far as the realism of this round of game play, it really lacked what was there in the first level at his home. The first level had more story to it, and the story helped me through it, and sort of pulled me in a bit. This part is just running into hall monitors over and over and really not much story at all. It felt like an old Final Fantasy game for a moment stuck in a loop.

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    Feb 18th, 2012 at 16:27:26     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    So I wasn't sure what to expect before playing SCM. I guess I was expecting a game with more current graphics. I assumed that because, I thought this game was going to be bloody and brutal, and they would need modern graphics to show that. Then I got past the title menu and philosophical quotes to find I am playing a game that looks worse than original Zelda. At first I said to myself this is going to be real hard to make it through 3 days of horrid graphics. That all changed though, as soon as I started to read the dialogue between Vodka and Ben(I cannot remember their names but I will call them that for now.), I became very interested in this game. Could this possibly be what they were actually discussing before the massacre? Wow! This graphically uninteresting and outdated piece of art has drawn all my attention in. I felt a bit uneasy going through all the dialogue, and trying to see the story from the perpetrators views. I thought to myself, maybe I do not know the whole story, maybe I should really pay attention to this dialogue, and I am. I made it as far as the parking lot today and saved at that point. I had enough to soak in from the video I watched on the TV in the basement seeming to justify actions of one who can kill others without remorse. No matter how disturbing to some it may be to read those words (even with how horribly blocky and hard the font is to read), I do believe the last words to be true, it is judgment that makes us fail. That was not word for word of the quote, but that is what I took it to mean. Judgment would prevent to kids going all the way through with a killing massacre, lack of judgment would mean lack of remorse, therefore, no second thoughts on a killing spree.
    I also thought the flashback from the pizza box was interesting. It gave me some insight to the personalities of these kids. It would seem to me that Vodka is the mastermind, and Ben is along for the ride. Ben feels remorse before they even showed up to the school. I feel Ben could have been a good person, he had good morals in a way, and they had become twisted by influence and circumstance. Then again, I need to do some research as to how real this info from the game is. I'll be back on day two.

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    Jan 26th, 2012 at 08:35:33     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    On my third session of gaming on San Andreas I had no idea what my mission was and I really didn't care. I just basically jumped in every cool looking car I could find, including this real cool semi truck. I also tried to get 5 stars on the screen and evade the police, which is very hard to do, I was not successful. I found a camera in Thomas House I believe it was called. I have no idea what to do with this camera. I still think the controls for the PC version are ridiculously hard. I have been running around with a camera in my hand and I don't ven have an idea how to rid of it. Generally I have a fun time in this game wether I am sticking to the missions or just going buck wild running around the world. I did get some stunt trick bonus cash for flying off the side of the road in a car. It was a very small amount of money. I think if you are an adult, and want to be highly entertained to play this game. Kids stay away until you are older.

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