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    Feb 23rd, 2012 at 11:06:30     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    So for my last day playing I reluctantly continued going through the school hoping I wouldnt run into anyone to trigger the killing cut scene. After a while I finally found a door I hadnt gone in and there was a clip of the president talking on the TV. Which was still very sad to watch, I made my way into the library and finally after way too long of rampaging through the school the cops found us and they talked about how they wish life would have been which added a whole nother level of some people really feel like death is the only option and all they ever do is hope to get away and thats the way they choose. I think its important to reach out to people like that because if you dont tradgetys like this happen. The of course they did a slide show presentation thing of real pictures from that day, which really I should have seen coming because it gives more emotional impact to the game. I dont know, the game does a good job at making people think but I still really didnt enjoy a lot of it. It was just a really frustrating game. Not to mention the slideshow of pictures went on forever. Theres not much that happened in my expirence playing it, mostly because I dilly dalyied around a lot to avoid having to hurt anyone. I dont know. Good message but not a game I would want to play again, nor would I recommend to anyone.

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    Feb 20th, 2012 at 17:27:29     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Upon first starting Columbine I decided to avoid getting to the story line right away and I just poked around the characters room, I read the calender, looked at the arcade game, and played the music. It was interesting what I found in the room because a lot of the things that were found like the violent video games, and the eight bit Nirvana track was some of the stuff that people blamed for this occurance. So it was interesting to see the accuracy in this game. I also decided to try using the phone this ended up turning into a phone conversation with Dylan and him talking about how it was going to be the big day, and what people were gonna do when they were gone. It really made me realize that these kids really did have some crazy stuff going through their heads and it also made me start thinking about how many teens or even adults who like plan on commiting sucide have these thoughts about things. Even in my first ten to 15 minutes of playing I already was deep in thought. I also had a dance party to the rockin music on his stereo. HERE WE ARE NOW. ENTERTAIN US. Then I continued on....
    I was forced to go into the basement to gather supplies I decided to walk over to the pizza box because that seemed the least harmful but I was brought to a cut scene of the boys playing with black powder and taking about how they loved to blow shit up. They gave more background on the characters about one going into the Marines , and one getting into Arizona State. It also seemed like it was disclosed that they were already planning something bad, and they seemed to think that violence and blowing shit up was just so cool. It was all very twisted.
    I decided to continue for just a bit longer even though I already felt morally disturbed. I picked up some items in the basement like a duffle bag and the bombs and then I was joined by Dylan who was so excited about the day saying he "endured this shit long enough", agian the dialouge in the game is just really strange to read because these kids were so hell bent to do bad. They built bombs big enough to level the school, a long written out plan was found for the attack. Its just all so amazing to read. I went to the save screen because I was done for the night, something that tripped my mind was that I was called "young rebel", it was just another thing that just like sparked a "what?" with me. Unfortunatley I do not look forward to continuing the game but it will be an expirence nonetheless when I pick back up tomorrow.

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    Jan 26th, 2012 at 13:34:44     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    The mission I started out with was the most risky thing I have had to do in the game thus far. Spray painting, this is an action mostly associated with gangs so I think I have found yet another thing that could get people going about this game. I continued with the mission expecting the worst, and almost doing the worst. I was approached with three guys with guns and decided to do the responsible thing and run them over with my buddy “Sweet’s” car.
    We drive to another area to spray more “tags” over the rival gangs tag. Doing so will earn respect from your crew. At one point the rival gang was at the tag and the game told me to spray them in the face. I once again made the best decision and just shot them… then the police wanted me again. I got back into Sweets car to complete the mission and went back to the “hood”. Again to me it seems slightly racist but perhaps that is because of my race.
    Instead of starting another mission I decided to fool around town a little more. I decided to look at the game from the worst perspective. I beat up a prostitute and stole a car. Something I found strange about my character is every time he beats someone up he apologizes. It is just a strange thing to have in the game. I also decided to get a tattoo that said “West Side” I thought it added a little something extra in my game.
    Something I realized while playing GTA is that the plot is almost more fun than running around and killing people. I mean its not like when I play I don’t do that kind of stuff but strangely enough it doesn’t feel super right. I think that Grand Theft Auto though doesn’t really have any consequences for you doing crazy things like shooting people. I feel that’s the only thing bad about it. I feel no emotional connection at all and maybe that is another reason why the game is so greatly frowned upon.

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    Jan 25th, 2012 at 22:24:38     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    So I sat downt to play Grand Theft Auto, and decided to look through the menu and the stats screen. I was shocked to see that there was a a strip club, and prostitute budget. It just seemed so strange to me. I kept flipping and found the sex appeal meter. I could definitley see why this game would be frowned upon by many who hadnt played any part of the plot.
    I continued where I left off the previous night. Unfortunatley I couldnt answer my ringing phone because my L1 button on my PS2 controller is busted :[.I went on to the next mission with a pizza guy, and we hear some background about my character and we hear about his plans to stay in town because its where his family is. We cruise throughtout the down, driving as crazy as can be. We stop at a barber shop and a fight started between me and the guy in the car behind me... a police man got involved and started chasing me. I stole his car. Definitley something I would never do in real life haha.
    I got a hair cut and somehow got an afro out of my bald head. I guess hair appears in this game?
    Something I forgot about in this game is that you have to eat, but if you eat too much than you get fat. Unfortunatley I cannot see my stats because my L1 button doesnt work.
    After fooling around a bit we end up into another cut scene that tells us the "Johnson" brothers are back, which is assumed you are part of them. You play some B-ball and thats the end of that.
    I was shocked at this moment that I didnt have to shoot anyone yet. I was still under the impression that the game was super violent and would brainwash me into wanting to kill people. That was not the case at all.

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