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    Feb 22nd, 2012 at 06:08:27     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    I continued my rampage through the school made my way to the gym, after I finished up killing every one in the gym I headed into the library. After working my way through the library I finally made it to the doors and then the cops came. When the cops game Eric and V talked some more and started shooting back at that cops from the door, and then to my surprise they shot them selves. That surprised me a little bit, I mean I knew that they were going to because I know the story but the point in which they did it confused me slightly I thought they would have killed more people in the school.
    After that last scene they started to show a slide show of images from the events. Some of them were pictures I had never seen before, some of them were pretty graphic. I feel like there should have been some kind of option or warning before they showed all of those pictures the first couples were of the boys after they had shot themselves. At least in Modern Warfare 2 at least they had some kind of warning before the mission I feel like this whole game should have one. But I am guessing that the creators figured because of the name players would know what they were getting into before they started playing it.
    I also think the game followed what we know about the event pretty well, we know the boys had everything planned. So I think it was pretty realistic in terms of what actually happened. I mean obviously there werenít battle sequences every time they killed a student or teacher. I really liked how the incorporated the Bill Clinton speech that was in the middle of the event into the game. All in all it was proably one of the more violent games to watch or play, my roommate who was watching me just thought I was going around killing random people around the school and asked why? He understood after I told him the name of the game, but like MW2 someone just watching would think you are just murdering people for no reason.

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    Feb 21st, 2012 at 21:44:02     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Well I picked up were I left off basically running around killing anyone I could find. I ran into the first student and my character said that he liked him so he could run. After that I pretty much just started systematically walking around the school room by room killing students, teachers, and janitors. Basically as one of them said as we walked into the school I followed the if it moves kill it rule. It felt really repetitive after a while, I died at one point and had to restart from the beginning but it only took me a couple of min to get back to where I was skipping the dialogue. But while I was doing that I accidently clicked action button on the pizza box in Ericís basement and it showed a memory of how they got the guns and stuff. I would not have known about that if I didnít fail the game once. I found another memory on the sound board, each on of the memories helped show some of their thoughts about the world and how everyone looks at them like they are weird. I also really liked how they added the Bill Clinton speech half way through your killing spree.
    I think the creators of this game saw a story that should be told, and creating this game is just a different way for them to tell the story. I donít think they intended to try to tell kids that this is okay in anyways, yet I am sure that there are some parents that argued that case. Do I think any teens are going to shoot up their school because of playing this game or any violent game? No, most of us use the games for stress relieve. I know when I am mad and I canít work out or vent to someone I usually pop in a game and start killing things wither it be as a COG in Gears of War chain sawing locust or a Hero in Fable fighting of a cave full of Hobbs. Either way killing things or being violent in games prevents me from being violent in real life. And I would wager itís the same for other people as well. Although if games did make kids violent this one would be at the top of the list, in terms of reason for killing people it seems pretty senseless to anyone watching. Unless your playing the game you would just think he is going around killing everybody for no reason. But the game kind of shows you why they did it.

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    Feb 19th, 2012 at 09:31:13     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Well not sure what to say about this game so far really, besides the fact that it is messed up. Started off the game by calling my partner in crime and reading a conversation between the two of them about the ďBig dayĒ as they called it, it is kind off scary to think about the fact that something close to that happened in real life. After that I went into the basement and grabbed the gear and headed off to school. Where we talked some more about how they all deserve to die. Then I snuck in the school past security cameras and hall monitors to plant a couple bombs in the lunch room. It took me a couple of times to actually get to the cafeteria when the hall monitors stop you the basically say you look funny why are you wearing a trench coat. Went out to the cars grabbed our gear then to the park to talk with my accomplice, we talked about killing every one in Denver and how everyone deserves it. We made our way to the parking lot and waited for the bombs to go off that didnít go off. And then we started our rampage killing anyone on the way to the school, in a pokemon like battle. After that I saved my game. I shouldnít be surprised that someone created a game about this. They play good music that fits with the game, like sweet dreams by Marlin Manson and a couple other good songs that seem to fit with the game. So far I feel that the game is pretty realistic in terms of what happened in real life and they even used real pictures to help the feeling of what really happened in Denver. It will be interesting to see how the game progresses.

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    Jan 26th, 2012 at 14:21:12     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    In todayís missions I manage to steal some guns form an old man, do some drive bys, and beat up a convict. The first of those missions I really did not like, I was told to sneak in to an old mans house and steal some of his weapons for my gang to use. It felt wrong, why should I steal this guys weapons he did not do anything to me. I feel like this game doesnít have any real ethical frame work like some of the other games that we have discussed in class. There are not really any choices one can make in the game. This is kind of disappointing to me.
    Since this is probably the last day I will play this game I decided to have some fun after a couple of missions for the story line. I decided to put in some cheat codes and just run around and do as I pleased. I put in the infinite ammo and infinite health cheats and just ran around killing cops and gang members until I reached the full amount of heat. There were helicopters chasing me and police every where. It was pretty fun mainly because I was invincible. I also just played around with some other cheats to play around it was interesting. I felt that the developers wanted to put all of this into the game so players good just mess around and not have to follow the story line.
    All in all I did not like the game to much, it was not because of the type of game but more so because of the story. I like games with a good plot and compelling story which this game did not really have. It was fun for short times just messing around but all in all I would not op to play the game again or any of the series.

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