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    Mar 24th, 2012 at 21:43:54     -    Risk: Legacy (Other)

    Your thoughts on the gameplay.

    Gameplay is much faster than the original, though the style of play is similar.

    Your thoughts on innovative elements of the game.

    Risk: Legacy adds many new additions to the game. The fact that each game changes future games is very interesting and well implemented. Each change that I have run across has been very fun and exciting.

    What design elements make this a good (or bad) game?

    See previous comments. No real complaints to speak of: except that the rules can be confusing.

    How does the game keep the player interested?

    Constant changing to gameplay rules and territories adds many fun elements to the game.

    What would you change about the game? What was frustrating?

    See previous comments.

    What ideas does this game give you for your own game project?

    Having a semblance of permanence between sessions is common in videogames, however, requesting hard disk space has been an issue previously untouched by any of our class's previous games. Implementing such a feature would be interesting to say the least.

    Does the game exhibit emergent complexity?

    Risk: Legacy does exhibit emergent complexity. The state of the board is a prime example of a state machine. As the game progresses, the state is constantly altered. The beginning of each new game also introduces new possible states.

    How did you respond to the game's reward structure?

    It is very satisfying to be able to permanently mark the board upon victory. Plus, it does so in a way that does not break the game but does impact future games, which is nice.

    Did you experience flow while playing the game? What contributed to this feeling?

    The game is smooth and well designed. I did feel flow while playing the game. The well thought out additions to the game, including additions to the rules as well as additions to the board and cards added made it interesting. The feel of the game is that you are in a constantly changing, dynamic world. Together this provided a feeling of flow.

    What kind of social interactions did you have with other players? With bystanders?

    Like Risk, Risk: Legacy is a multiperson game. It is not possible to play solo, and adds lots of diplomatic elements with 5 independent forces fighting amongst each other.

    Would the gameplay work as a computer game? Would the gameplay have to be altered to work on a computer?

    It would work well as a computer game (there are video game versions of Risk already). However, certain information would have to be stored on HDD.

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    Mar 24th, 2012 at 21:19:18     -    Risk: Legacy (Other)

    Risk: Legacy is a new spin on the classic board game Risk. Like Risk, each player controls a number of infantry units as well as more advanced units. In Risk: Legacy, there are a number of races which each have their own specific abilities. Each race has its own special unit (although each special unit is only worth 3 infantry and has no special abilities). The objective is to gain 4 "red stars" (acquired through various means). The major difference between Risk and Risk: Legacy, however, is the permanence that persists between games. As each game progresses, certain cards are unlocked, or rules are unlocked, or the territory is changed in some manner. These changes last not only for that game, but for all future games as well. For example, one unlockable event occurs when 3 missiles are used at the same time (missiles change a di roll to a 6). After this occurs, the territory in which they were fired becomes "Fallout" territory and imposes severe penalties on all who traverse it.
    Risk: Legacy is a very fun and engaging game. The victory condition of 4 red stars makes games shorter than the original Risk game. So far, my games have lasted about an hour apiece. The different races are allowed to unlock special powers once certain conditions are met, which keep the game interesting and new each time. Also, those who survive are allowed to found minor cities, while the winner of each game can name a continent or found a major city. There is also a draft mode that makes it so that every time the game is started, varying numbers of troops, first turn ordering, subsequent turn ordering, coin cards, and races can be awarded at the beginning of the game. This ensures that no one race becomes too powerful.
    Risk: Legacy adds many new and interesting elements to the original. It makes Risk less of a tedious and exhausting experience and makes it more fun. I would highly recommend it to any board game enthusiast.

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    Mar 7th, 2012 at 12:30:45     -    Saint's Row: The Third (PC)

    The gameplay in SR3 is quite good. It maintains a decent pace (although certain side missions [Smoov] are frustratingly long) and keeps the action going the entire time.

    Saint's Row has a rather familiar style to those who have played GTA, but the ludicrous minigames help to relieve any serious tension that may build up. It has a nice upgrade system set up that relies on money and respect (which you gain by doing evil things). It is also innovative in its character customization, which is extremely extensive.

    The lack of focus on realism makes this game better than GTA in my opinion. However, SR3 goes off the deep end with some of its features, so bear that in mind.

    The level is one large map, with many minor activities located within.

    The game creates conflict by pitting enemy gangs against the saints form the beginning. Any criminal activity can bring the local enemy gang or law enforcement down on your head.

    The game keeps the player interested with its exotic storyline and interesting minigames.

    Certain minigames were quite frustrating (obtaining a helicopter is a pain for some assassinations and some assassinations require specific times of day).

    The game's reward structure was quite clear and relied on the 2 main resources, money and respect. Respect is almost like a leveling system. As the player commits evil actions, their respect grows. Higher respect increases the upgrades the player can buy. Money is used to purchase these upgrades once they have been unlocked by a high enough respect level.

    The bystanders by and large treat you with dislike, or adoration, depending on whether they are a Third Street Saint's fan or not. I have only played single player, so I don't know how the interactions with other players is implemented.

    Overall, Saint's Row: The Third is a fun game if you like the crime genre. It takes itself lightly enough that it does not become dull and tiresome like GTA. It has a decent engine and a nice reward system. In my opinion, the side quests could use a little fine tuning, but overall a great game!

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    Mar 7th, 2012 at 12:17:22     -    Saint's Row: The Third (PC)

    Saint's Row: The Third is a well designed crime game. I played SR3 on my personal computer and found it very entertaining. The engine is decent, though there have been a few occasions where minor glitches caused catastrophic consequences (for example, I tried opening a car door, but the way it was positioned caused my character to randomly die). SR3 offers a sandbox variety crime game that appears a lot like GTA:4. However, GTA took a realistic approach to the crime genre, while Saint's Row 3 has many unrealistic aspects. In the first mission, you skydive from an airplane, just to later shoot a hole in the pilot's window and land back inside the airplane, just to jump back out and catch a free falling friend of yours. However, the graphics are decent, and gameplay is fun. There are many side quests that I found interesting. If you are looking for a twisted, fun and entertaining game that paints crime comically, I would suggest SR3. NOTE: Saint's Row: The Third has a LOT of mature material and will not be suitable for all audiences. In the next gamelog, I will post a deeper analysis of the game.

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