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    Apr 18th, 2012 at 22:59:01     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    † † † † † ††In my second playing some of the things I noticed in the first play through were expanded on. The amount of racial tension now expanded and brought in a Hispanic gang. The initial tension between CJ and his sisterís boyfriend is at a high point but seems like at a point will cool down and like in most GTA games he will become a friend who provides other missions to carry along the story. Smokey seems to prelude to the fact CJ will unite the neighborhood in a few of his conversations. I believe this will be done with the assistance from the Hispanic gang. The traditional argument between family members about interracial relationships occurs and may possibly assist in dividing the brothers.

    ††††††††††† The stamina bar and food aspect which was introduced was an interesting added aspect. Eating too much makes your character fat and slow while not at all has an effect of destroying your stamina. I have not had this happen to me yet but may try it in my next play session.

    ††††††††††† The mission I ended on was the mission that ended with you learning how to rob peoplesí houses. What I think stands out and could have been taken offensively to some people is the fact that only in a GTA that has a black male as a lead the ability to rob peoplesí houses exists. †

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    Apr 17th, 2012 at 20:56:16     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Having played other Grand Theft Auto Games I automatically assumed this game would be just like the rest of them. But contrary to my initial thoughts it started completely different. The first thing that makes this one stand out in my first playing of the game is the fact that your character is a black male which is a first for the series. I knew this going into the game but was not sure how the game would go about starting out. The fact that racial tension will be prevalent throughout this game is initially evident. Everything from music to language falls into the stereotypical 90ís gangster lifestyle. Your character just gets into town and already is being set up for a crime he did not commit. This is a standard feeling most blacks of this era dealt with, that they were guilty, according to the police, regardless if they werenít even at the scene of the crime and no one would think different.
    †††††††††††††† Your character talks about even though how he has been gone for 5 years the people in the neighborhood he was dropped off in by the police would not care if he has been out of the gang and would kill him regardless. Your characters house is in a rundown unsafe section of the city. Almost every theme we should discuss is hit in the first 30 minutes I played in some way shape or form. I will touch on 3 of the ones that stand out most.
    Stereotypes & Race: As I stated before the game focuses on early 90ís black stereotypes. It takes place in a poor gang filled environment. The characters all follow this thug like stereotype and even have the stereotypical black religious member. Your first trip by yourself is to the barber shop.
    Justice: Or rather injustice, your character is initially taken in by the police and is already being framed for the murder of an officer.
    Violence: From being abused by the cops to being attacked in a drive-by shooting Violence seems like it will be the center of this game just like all other games of the GTA series.

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