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    May 28th, 2012 at 15:58:44     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Upon figuring out how to plant the bombs in the cafeteria, next I waited for them to go off, which actually caused me some anxiety because the anticipation level was high. After, I had to kill people at random as they came out. The various weapons that were available ranged and I didn't know if this aspect was true to the original incident or if this was added for gameplay (it's been a while since I've brushed up on the exact events of this story). The bombs that were used were seemingly homemade, so it would have taken a lot of premeditation on the boys' end if they were also making homemade bombs. I know the massacre was premeditated, but I'm curious as to the how long the plan was in the making and if they ever had any doubts. I'm assuming no because they went through with it anyway. I did notice a trend between the victims that I was murdering; they all appeared to be very logistical in terms of high school co-eds. In other words, they were the stereotypical individuals one would find at a high school, athletes, stuck up girls, etc. I'm sure it was individuals such as these that caused the boys grief and bullied them, so this aspect of the game seemed to coincide with the original events.

    One of the moments that I can recall from a book I read several years ago about the incident was a moment where one of the boys asked a girl if she believed in God. She replied “yes” before they executed her. This is just one of the powerful moments I remember about the Columbine Massacre, though I did not reach this moment in my gameplay. It just stood out to me as one of the most infamous moments from the event, and I was curious as to how the game maker would present this moment. I'm sure it would have been a bit painful to swallow, since many are familiar with that moment, due to the news stories and book about it, so it reigns true with many who empathize with the massacre. I'm sure it is a controversial moment in gameplay as well.

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    May 28th, 2012 at 15:35:19     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    In the game, their were many moments, if not every experience, that reined true with the actual events of the Columbine Massacre. The dialogue, the sequences of events, and the interactions with others were all moments that I'm sure really happened at the massacre, though some moments could have been enhanced or reworded for gameplay. The moment where the Marilyn Manson CD was found and the message popped up that said this CD may increase rage, etc. was true to the world of the game. It was experiences such as this within the gameplay that made it feel incredibly real. I'm shocked to say, but I found myself even feeling sorry for Eric and Dylan at moments because if they had been helped, all of those events could have been prevented. It was almost meticulously painful going through each of those phases as they had.

    The “levels” in which the two boys gained access and bought the guns really blew my mind. It was so easy for them to get access to firearms. Another moment that really intrigued me was when I planted the bombs in the cafeteria. It was odd doing this firsthand (through gameplay) since I would never turn to an act such as that. This was different than the violence in Grand Theft Auto, since that stuff wasn't necessarily based on one true event, nor was it based on an incident that will forever remain in the history of this country as one of the most deadly massacres of our time. Being this character led me to understand what goes on in his head and his reasonings for things, so participating in the violence was surreal and was not as easily brushed off as when I played Grand Theft Auto. The music changed in intensity during the more violent levels too, which is something I noticed. I thought it was interesting that for a game with so little graphics and technological achievements, I was still immersed into the world of the story nonetheless, partially due to the music that was incorporated to highlight the more detrimental moments of gameplay.

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    May 28th, 2012 at 14:51:29     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Prior to playing the Super Columbine Massacre RPG game, I took it upon myself to read about it from the website provided to us, since I had no prior knowledge of the game or what it entailed. The fact that the game involves the premise of the Columbine Massacre behind the lens of the two murderers, proves that this game revolves around controversial subject matter. Even before playing it, I was already offended; I have no personal connection to the massacre, though I can empathize with the victims and families who did. A game such as this was sure to conjure up a lot of mixed feelings, which I 'm sure offended many at the time of it's release. I decided to try to stay open minded in regards to the game and see if I could figure out what the game maker was trying to accomplish in creating a game such as this.
    When I first began game play, similar to Grand Theft Auto, I took my time at getting used to the game and it's functions, as well as the world of the game. The world of the game was pretty easy to understand, as it was a little dated, so the functions were a lot simpler than that of Grand Theft Auto. I thought the dialogue between Eric and Dylan was authentic and represented what went on during that morning. After a while, their intentions became clear, as did the reasoning behind their actions. Though I don't agree with it, I started to see why they did what they did; Eric and Dylan felt incredibly alienated and shunned from their peers, so much so that they hated those around them and themselves. I thought it was interesting that the game maker chose to include the section where the one boy was apologizing to his family and his parents, saying how great his dad was. This showed that they weren't just monsters, they had remorse and feelings about the situation as well. They had people that they loved. I was starting to see the reason for creating a game like this: to shed light on the internal struggles that individuals go through to lead them to do destructive decisions. Maybe if members of society experience this through gameplay, they will be able to spot signs of this behavior in others.

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    Apr 18th, 2012 at 19:43:06     -    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC)

    By this time, I learned a bit more about the logistics of the game. I realized that my character had “missions” to accomplish. I followed the map to the destinations and entered the little colorful orbs. Again, I feel that this was a Kantian decision because that is what my character ought to have done. Personally, I enjoyed running around, riding bike, stealing cars, and running into random people. This part of the game was entertaining to me, so when I was engaging in these aspects of the game, I was making utilitarian- based decisions. I was looking out for my own personal entertainment, thus focusing on the consequences of my actions. In this case, the consequences of my actions were enjoyment from the game. This perspective is what led me to recognize that I was using a utilitarian perspective. When I focused on my missions, I didn't necessarily want to participate in them but I new that I ought to so I did, which made it a decision based on the Kantian perspective. Playing this game helped me understand the differences between the two major ethical perspectives that we discussed in class. I now have a better understanding of what a utilitarian perspective is versus what a Kantian perspective is. Upon playing, I also paid attention to racial stereotypes within the game. I did not see any gangs that included a diverse community. Rather, all of the gangs I noticed included members of the same race. I suppose this is a common stereotype among the gang world and it was highlighted in this game.

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