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    Apr 18th, 2012 at 19:42:23     -    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC)

    By this time, I learned a bit more about the logistics of the game. I realized that my character had “missions” to accomplish. I followed the map to the destinations and entered the little colorful orbs. Again, I feel that this was a Kantian decision because that is what my character ought to have done. Personally, I enjoyed running around, riding bike, stealing cars, and running into random people. This part of the game was entertaining to me, so when I was engaging in these aspects of the game, I was making utilitarian- based decisions. I was looking out for my own personal entertainment, thus focusing on the consequences of my actions. In this case, the consequences of my actions were enjoyment from the game. This perspective is what led me to recognize that I was using a utilitarian perspective. When I focused on my missions, I didn't necessarily want to participate in them but I new that I ought to so I did, which made it a decision based on the Kantian perspective. Playing this game helped me understand the differences between the two major ethical perspectives that we discussed in class. I now have a better understanding of what a utilitarian perspective is versus what a Kantian perspective is. Upon playing, I also paid attention to racial stereotypes within the game. I did not see any gangs that included a diverse community. Rather, all of the gangs I noticed included members of the same race. I suppose this is a common stereotype among the gang world and it was highlighted in this game.

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    Apr 18th, 2012 at 19:30:59     -    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC)

    Since I was a little bit more acquainted with the game, this time around went a lot better. In my last session, I just ran around a lot, confused because I wasn't sure what exactly I was supposed to be doing. In this session, I interacted with other characters, rode on a bike, and stole a few cars. I noticed a lot of the dialogue in the game was offensive and contained racial slurs. I was wondering what the premise of this was in relation to the game. I came to the conclusion that this type of language was meant to help distinguish between different groups and call attention to which gangs were which. It seemed that many of the groups were separated based on their ethnicity. This reminded me of our class discussion on stereotypes; certain gangs used certain language and lingo, while a different gang used language that pertained to their ethnic background that might be offensive if used by someone outside of their “category.” Upon noticing this, I learned the ability to punch and I ran around punching people for a while. This choice was not utilitarian, but rather a Kantian choice. I feel this way because I was not punching people because they harmed me or anything of that sort, so I was not focusing on the consequences of my actions in that sense. Rather I was punching people because I'd heard in the past that this is a violent video game, so I assumed that my character should engage in violence. In other terms, from what I understood about the game, punching people is what my character ought to have done, hence why it was a Kantian choice.

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    Apr 18th, 2012 at 00:00:12     -    Grand Theft Auto San ANdreas (Other)

    I haven't played video games in about ten years, so getting used to the setting and atmosphere was a little new for me. I'm a visual person, so I started out by just walking around and getting a feel for the world of the game. I noticed pretty quickly how segregated the different groups seemed to be. It seemed like they were in gangs depending on their race or ethnic backgrounds. I had a few run ins with some gangs in a car and I just ran to avoid them. I liked the fact that I could swim, that was pretty cool.
    I chose to eat at a restaurant and play things safe so as to stay out of trouble and avoid gang involvement. Perhaps I will expand in my next session and see how things go. I like to think that I chose a utilitarian perspective during this session, since I focused on staying out of trouble so as not to cause my character any harm. I like to swim and eat in real life, so doing this interactively was kind of fun for me. I focused on the consequences of my actions, which ended up being keeping my character safe and enjoying myself during the gameplay.

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