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    May 29th, 2012 at 14:46:00     -    Columbine RPG (PC)

    In my play through of Columbine Massacre RPG what I have noticed is that the extreme attention to backstory, timing and details. In the first level, you are in the basement of the main characters plotting for the school massacre. I pick up two bombs, a Marylyn Manson CD, and watched a recording of the two giving an explanation as to what they plan on doing and why. When you pick up the CD the character states that, this is what inspires him. As the main character drove to the school, they put on a KDFMD CD, loaded the bombs out of their car, and snuck around the cafeteria placing them under a desk set for an approximate time. Once the bombs were planted, they went to the car and got their weapons out of their duffle bags. The next cut scene reveals the two shooters overlooking the city, sharing a moment together before the massacre to reminisce the reasons behind the attack and their hatred. They talk about their disgust at everyone while they load their weapons all shown with pictures of the evidence of the actual shooting. They warn their friend when the shooting begins. “Preppy girl” appears and you gun her down, followed by “Jock” I entered a classroom, where students were running around and I killed a “jock” with my shotgun then killed “Sheltered Girl” and a “Janitor”. I think the purpose of giving victims nicknames was done to create a de-humanizing effect, as the two shooters did to their classmates. As I killed throughout the cafeteria and the halls, Bill Clinton appears on the screen and gives his speech praying for the students. What I notice is that when you go after a student, carrying the background is that of an actual school. Next, I set the fire alarm off, the music changes to a different beat and the bomb goes off. Every time I kill it says “Another Victory for the trench coat mafia” When the second bomb explodes a cut scene of the shooter always sitting along appears where he shares his sadness of never being liked. I actually start to feel a little sad at the personal emotions of the main character being ostracized. The designer clearly wanted us to gain a deeper feeling about the characters actions and reasoning beyond the standard shooting game. In a final standoff with the police, you both kill each other. Throughout my gameplay, you begin to realize just how depraved the designers were to put this much detail and attention, even going so far as to extend the gameplay levels past the shooters deaths, with a level in hell that makes references to their favorite music and video game choices. I hope these designers feel remorse for just how offensive this is to the families.

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    Apr 18th, 2012 at 22:42:49     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    My experience of playing GTA San Andreas being with the main character, Carl, back home after hearing of the death of his mother. Once he leaves the airport, he is framed for murder, robbed, abused then blackmailed by extremely corrupt police officers. Carl is driven to rival "baller country" where his life is threatened and Carl quickly steals a bike. Although having "gone straight" for the last five years, Carl is faced with his family obligations to re-join the gang and get it back on track. Carl's former gang is losing influence and lives. Carl quickly finds himself being shot at while on bicycle in a territory his gang owned previously but has been taken over by rival gangs. You being to sympathize with the characters of his family as their struggles are personal and the low feelings of Carl's family gives you an attachment. When asked if Carl is going back to where he was living a straight and legal life, Carl states he may stay around.
    Carl gets a phone call from his friend Sweet explaining the lowly situation between the gangs and how their glory is mostly gone. The next level consists of "teaching" the owner of a pizza shop a "lesson" for covering up their gang graffiti. On the way to the pizza shop you get a custom haircut. When you get to the pizza shop, you eat some pizza restoring health, then your friend Ryder threatens the pizza employee with a gun. You quickly escape while being attacked by the employee, who I quickly ran over as he was shooting at me. There were not repercussions for this and picked up his shotgun. When I completed this level my respect was increased. The next level, Carl had to graffiti his gang sign around various areas while police presence increases. All of a sudden I'm being chased on foot, tagging areas, while evading the police.

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